Monday, August 19, 2019

What are we allowed to do on Shabbat?

Okay, there are so many arguments about what we can and can't do on Shabbat. Let me just throw a few things out there, from my perspective:

Torah sometimes isn't specific on some things, and ELOHIM just expects us to use some common sense. I mean, He was perfectly clear about His people NOT committing work or commerce, or causing anyone else to "work" on Shabbat. (Work refers to anything we do on a regular basis to earn money and make it through life's every day necessities.)

"Work" doesn't prohibit us from brushing our teeth, changing our babies' diapers, keeping our children entertained and occupied, or "having fun" and just relaxing and enjoying ourselves. Contrary to popular belief, He never said we couldn't "push a button" on our apartment complex's elevator. (It's a whole lot more tiring to run up and down 30 flights of stairs than it is to just push a button on the elevator....)

People throughout the millennia have read WAY too much into this issue!

YHWH is clear that His Shabbat is about RESTING from the "daily grind" and keeping this day "holy" for Him - doing Torah studies and praising Him at some point during Shabbat. After all, it's our "weekly date with God!" But this never meant that we cannot do anything else! It never meant that we are to sit in our living rooms to read the BIble all day long!

"Resting" our bodies from the work week includes just relaxing and having fun - which means if you want to do it while riding your bike or taking a walk, that would be fine! After all, you're NOT riding that bike to make a living/earn money; you're taking care of your temple (body) and can ride through the country-side with YHWH on your mind, praising Him for all the beauty passing by....


Sex on Shabbat, howewver - contrary to what many are teaching - is NOT a good idea! Why? Well, first of all, it totally takes our minds OFF of YHWH and places it onto our carnal selves.... Having sex, according to Torah, makes one unclean because we emit bodily fluids, meaning we cannot "enter the Temple" after the sex act until we're "clean" again. (Yes, there is no Temple today, but our bodies ARE the temples right now, and if you've had sex, you're "unclean" and cannot come before YHWH again. By having sex, you've broken that cycle of intimacy with HIM on your "date" with HIM....)

So, yes, ride your bike, take a walk, play games with your children - whatever you need to do that doesn’t comprise “working to expand your domain.” But ALSO make sure you do the Torah studies with the family – because it’s everybody's DATE with God! If you and your family have accepted YHWH and His Messiah, then you are obligated to continue fostering your relationship with Him.  Keeping His Shabbat holy is a COMMAND, not a suggestion!

For those who have a congregation to attend on Shabbat, you are blessed, because you're getting the best of all worlds - praise and worship, Bible study and fellowship! Afterwards, go ride that bike or take a walk or play with the kids! Just don't commit commerce of ANY kind on Shabbat. (Unless, of course, you have an emergency situation of some kind that cannot wait until sundown.)

For those who are interested, we feature an article on our website on how to keep the Shabbat without all the man-made "fences"….

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