Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Jewish counter-missionaries erroneously believe it’s okay to mock those they don’t agree with–especially Yeshua….

Jewish counter-missionaries will say all kinds of nasty things about Yeshua - even mocking his name by calling our Messiah - among other things - "Jeebus Creepus" and "Stick-man"....

I personally would LOVE to be a little fly on the wall on Judgment Day when all the "Jesus rejecters" of the world will get to kneel before YHWH to explain themselves....

Anyway, here's one of the most recent comments made by someone who accuses "Jesus" of being a sinner and breaking the Sabbath, and a whole range of other false allegations.

He wrote: "Torah literally calls such a Jew who does that stuff a RASHA and we are allowed to mock them and bash them in rebuke."

(A "rasha" for those who don't know it, is either a wicked person, or someone convicted of wrongdoing - which Yeshua was NOT! - See John 18:28-38 and Mark 14:54-56.)

Here's my response to this "intellect" who clearly prides himself on rejecting YHWH's Messiah:

Nowhere are you told in the Hebrew scriptures that it is permissible to mock or attack PEOPLE or to poke fun at their supposed “lack of intellect” or anything else! Not in Torah, not in Talmud!

Here is the proof from the “Code of the Jewish Law” (the Shulchan Aruch), which clearly states it is permissible to mock IDOLATRY, but NOT the person you perceive to be an IDOLATOR….

From the Talmud, Megillah 25b:

"Similarly, Rav Naḥman said: All mockery and obscenity is forbidden except for mockery of idol worship, which is permitted, as it is written: 'Bel bows down, Nevo stoops' (Isaiah 46:1). The prophet mocks these idols by describing them as crouching in order to defecate.

Additionally, it is written: 'They stoop, they bow down together; they could not deliver the burden' (Isaiah 46:2). Rabbi Yannai said: This principle that one is permitted to mock idol worship is derived from here: 'The inhabitants of Samaria shall be in dread for the calves of Beth-aven; for its people shall mourn over it, and its priests shall tremble for it, for its glory, because it is departed from it' (Hosea 10:5). Do not read it is as 'its glory [kevodo],' rather read it as its burden [keveido], meaning that it is unable to restrain itself from defecating."

Here, again, we see that the sages said the idol is mocked, not the person. ("Bel" and "Nevo" were idols.)

The counter-missionaries, mistake "Jesus" as an idol and deny he is the Messiah. Therefore, they claim people who believe in Jesus are idol-worshipers - mocking them. Sadly, the counter-missionary is lost and they don't know they idolize each other in their zealousness to "hate Jesus" and hate those who believe in Jesus. As they they romp in the mud, just read how they idolize each other and their derogatory comments about believers. It is so sad ...

Mesillat Yesharim, chapter 5, says:

"There are three factors which cause loss of and distancing from 'watchfulness'. The first is involvement and preoccupation in worldly affairs. The second is laughter and levity. The third is bad company. ... Behold, the prophet Isaiah would 'scream like a crane' for he saw that this was what left no room for his rebukes to make an impression thus ruining all hope for the sinners. This is what he said: 'And now do not be mockers lest your afflictions be strengthened' (Isaiah 28:22)."

It seems most of the counter-missionaries suffer all three maladies:

involvement and preoccupation in worldly affairs; laughter and levity; and bad company! Thus their afflictions are strengthened!

So, there you have it. Proof that the counter-missionaries who LOVE to mock those of us who "believe in Yeshua," are going against those very sages that they idolize, and whose word they take OVER AND ABOVE Torah itself!

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