Sunday, April 14, 2019

Yeshua was NOT a “sacrifice”….

The Jewish Jesus-rejecters and their converts constantly try to show us that Yeshua couldn't have been our "Passover sacrifice" because the Passover lambs weren't "sin sacrifices", etc.

Please pardon my "all caps" in places, as I'm trying to make a point here....

The thing is, the Passover lambs were SUBSTITUTES whose blood allowed the firstborn to live. Yeshua OFFERED himself as our substitute as well, allowing us (anyone who accepted him as YHWH's Divine Messiah) to not just "continue to live" here on earth, but to have eternal life!

AND, to have that eternal life, we ALSO must repent and turn from our ways and obey YHWH's Torah. You don't continue to live as you always did and expect to enter Eternity! If you deliberately continue to sin, you WILL lose your salvation, because Yeshua's blood only covered your PAST sins.

Remember, while Israel was in the wilderness for 40 years, the priests constantly had to offer sin sacrifices, because humans tend to sin and need continuous forgiveness. Those who believe Yeshua's blood covered ALL their sins, present, past and future, are sorely mistaken. Why? Because (1) there is NO sin sacrifice for continuous, deliberate sinning; and (2) in order to remove your present sins, Yeshua would have to die all over again....

Be that as it may, nobody "sacrificed" the lambs; and nobody "sacrificed" Yeshua, either. He willingly martyred himself on our behalf. Like the little Passover lambs, he was KILLED, not sacrificed.

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