Sunday, April 14, 2019

Can we really not call ourselves “Rabbi” or “Father”?

So many folks seem to have misunderstood Matthew 23:8-9 and will attempt to use it to show people they CANNOT call themselves “Rabbi” or “Father”….

Thing is, there is nothing wrong with calling yourself "Rabbi" if you've earned the yeshiva degree! It's no different than someone with a Doctorate calling themselves "Doctor." They have every right to do it.

The scripture verses that tell us not to call any man Rabbi or Father are there to show that men should not "exalt themselves" or "lord themselves" over anybody, just because they have the education or knowledge.

I mean, think about it realistically - if no one can use the term "Father" then every kid in the world is sinning whenever they call their Dad "Father"... NO! The term is simply not to be used to lord or exalt yourself over anybody.

Those in the Hebrow Roots movement calling themselves Rabbi when they haven't bothered to actually get their semicha from a yeshiva, are "exalting" themselves.... Same thing with most Christian pastors. They were "ordained" because someone laid hands on them and said, "I ordain" you. Never mind that they have never taken the classes to LEARN how to be a pastor...

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