Thursday, April 18, 2019

Get a load of this screen shot below taken from "Jesus-rejecter" William Hall’s latest Facebook post. (Hall is a former Christian pastor turned Hebrew Roots, turned "Jesus rejecter" who now rubs elbows with the counter-missionary rabbis who use him to further their agenda of trying to show Christians why "Jesus is a myth"....)

Posts like this actually make me sad because they reveal that people like Mr. Hall never had a grasp of YHWH's Truth ... and he STILL doesn't!

Oh, if he had only ever opened his eyes instead of allowing himself to be led astray by the sweet-talkin' "Jesus-deniers", he would have learned that Yeshua wasn't a "sacrifice" per se, because nobody "sacrificed" him. (YHWH never demand human sacrifice!) Yeshua MARTYRED himself, against which there is NO law....

Here is my screen shot, followed by our response:

Okay, so let’s look at how much we can find wrong with the supposed “brilliance” in these statements:
“Christianity poses only a blood sacrifice by a human figure”.
Actually, no. Christianity recognizes the blood redemption for them by another. Completely permitted in Torah. While it is true that the word “sacrifice” is often misused, here it does not mean a “slaughter at the Temple”, rather, it means the Messiah’s voluntary death for us was “a” sacrifice, that is, he offered himself on our behalf.
“Humans are unclean by design as well as an abomination in relation to sacrifices”.
Realistically, humans were “clean” by design, then they sinned and became unclean. And of course, Elohim never asked for a “human sacrifice” (other than testing Abraham). But as stated above, the Messiah was not a “sacrifice.” And though Mr. Hall does not see it, the Messiah’s “humanity” was not the same as our “humanity”.
“Jesus, even though the new testament poses him as perfect, is still a human figure. Unclean and an abomination.”
Actually, no. The NT “poses” him as perfect because he was. The only “human figure” to achieve that. But Mr. Hall’s advanced intellect won’t let him see that. (I suspect Mr. Hall actually DOES see that, but he can’t bring himself to admit it. Thus, he only refers to the Messiah as “Jesus”, the godless, Torahless entity of Christianity, instead of “Yeshua” the Messiah. You see, Mr. Hall used to believe in Yeshua, then he was taken over to the “dark side” and he must now hide behind the lies he is now filled with.
“In addition, he was beaten beyond recognition. The Torah is very clear in that any animal sacrifice MUST be without blemish at the time of the sacrifice/death.”
ALL animal sacrifices, which started out “without blemish” were sliced with a knife, bled out, cut apart, body parts held in the air and tossed into a fire!
Thus EVERY animal sacrifice IMMEDIATELY lost its “unblemished” condition! How silly is this claim this attempts to hide behind! Fact is, Yeshua was “unblemished” when he was charged with crimes he did not commit, supported by the Jewish Sanhedrin which actively sought his death! In the record of the Messiah’s death, Mr. Hall, just who were the “unclean”? (Hint: You represent them today!)
“ALSO, he didn’t stay dead, therefore not a valid sacrifice.”
Here, Mr. Hall reveals his hypocrisy by admitting that Yeshua did not stay dead! Thus, Mr. Hall reveals that he truly does believe, but he is mired in his obligation to deny it! The whole point of the Messiah’s blood redemption for each of us (who accept it) was that WE are redeemed. If he stayed dead, then there would need to be another Messiah, and another, and another, ad infinitum, to repeat the redemption! (Curiously, endless animals affecting “purgation” at the Temple, remained dead and failed to actually “redeem”!)
Mr. Hall can’t seem to separate the purpose of the endless slaughter of animals which only provided a temporary atonement for the community’s sins, from the Messiah who provided a single and permanent, one-time atonement.
Mr. Hall also seems oblivious to the fact that Elohim gave ALL people of the era (and into the future), ONE GENERATION to “get it”, that is, when the Messiah became our redemption, the temple operated only ONE MORE GENERATION before it was destroyed! After that, the Jews and the Jew wannabes like Mr. Hall lost their chance at the one-time redemption offer. My goodness!
Elohim declared many times that He would be our redeemer (Isaiah 60:16, for example), yet Mr. Hall rejects that Elohim came through and provided for that promised redemption through his own Messiah! Elohim redeemed – as He said He would! But the Mr. Halls of the world reject it! No wonder Jews and Jew wannabes like Mr. Hall are called out in scripture as “stiff-necked people” (see Exodus 32:9, and others)!
If YOU are among those who is thinking of rejecting YHWH's Divine Messiah, please check out our articles BEFORE making the biggest mistake of your life!

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