Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Is Yeshua “God”? Let’s allow Bible hermeneutics to decide!

We, at The Refiner’s Fire, do not view YESHUA – while he was on earth as a man - as "God" … simply because GOD cannot be born or die. Yeshua came from YHWH. He was His Messiah, the Word made flesh (John 1:1, 14) caused to be born as a human being with a divine nature, who was placed into the womb of a virgin by YHWH Himself. (Remember, Isaiah 53 calls him the “arm” of YHWH! An arm is attached to “the whole body” and only does what the brain commands - which is exactly what Yeshua did!)

Yeshua was NOT “the seed” of a human being. He was placed into the virgin (almah) Miriyam, whose hymen was broken from the inside-out (not from the outside-in!) when Yeshua was born – for the purpose of doing YHWH’s will, proclaiming the Kingdom of YHWH and doing everything His Father commanded. He never said he was YHWH/ADONAI/ELOHIM; he said he was “sent” by the Father; and he constantly deferred to YHWH, giving Him ALL the credit and proclaiming HIS Word.  He knew he was special; he knew he was the Messiah!

Scripture confirms those facts:

Luke 4: 43 "But he (Yeshua/Jesus) said, "I must preach the good news of the Kingdom of God to the other towns also, because that is why I was sent."

Luke 8: 1. And it happened after these things that Y'shua was going around in the cities and in the villages and was preaching and declaring the Kingdom of Elohim.

John 6: 35. Y'shua said to them, I am the Bread of Life. Whoever comes to me will not hunger. And whoever believes in me will not ever thirst. 36. But I have said to you that you have seen me, and you do not believe. 37. All who my Father has given to me will come, and whoever comes not to me I will cast outside!

38. For I came down from heaven,[*] not to do my will, but to do the will of Him who sent me. 39. And this is His will, that of Him who sent me, that all that He has given to me I do not lose even one. 40. For this is the will of my Father, that all who see the Son and believe in Him, will have life that is eternal. And I will raise him up on the last day. (Aramaic English New Testament)

NOTE: As in the context of Miltha (the Word) or the "Manifestation" or the "Will of" YHWH coming down from heaven to do the Will of YHWH upon earth; his Spirit is of YHWH but his nephesh (soul) and body are human and temporal. This shows that Yeshua was NOT in charge; HIS FATHER WAS!

As mentioned above, Yeshua came to proclaim the Kingdom of YHWH and to do everything his Father commanded. He tore down the fences of man's legalism; and neither he nor his Apostles ever (EVER!) advocated against YHWH’s Torah!

John 12: 44. But Y'shua cried out and said, He who believes in me, it is not in me he does believe, but in Him who sent me.[1] 45. And he who sees me sees Him who sent me! 46. I have come as the light into this world that all who believe in me might not remain in the darkness! 47. And he who hears my words, yet does not keep them, I do not judge him, for I have not come to judge the world but to give life[2] to the world.

48. He who rejects me and does not receive my words, there is something that judges him. The word that I have spoken, it will judge him on the last day. 49. For I have not spoken from my soul, but the Father who sent me. He gave a Commandment to me what I should say and what I should speak. 50. And I know that His commands are eternal life.[3] Therefore, these things that I speak just as my Father told me, thus I speak.[4] (Aramaic English New Testament)

[1] Yeshua does not bring a new Faith, but reveals the original Faith of YHWH the Father.

[2] Yeshua proclaims that he came to give life, then he declares that his father's Commands are eternal life! The Father's "Commands" are instruction in righteousness; this is Torah which contains Commandments, Judgments, Testimony and Witness regarding the Kingdom of Elohim. Those who enter into Covenant with Mashiyach are entering into Covenant with his Father YHWH; therefore, it is evil - an outright lie - to teach that Torah is done away with and replaced by a new theology!

[3] The Commands of YHWH bring eternal life. YHWH's "Commands" refers to all of His Commandments; these are one and the same as every Word that proceeds out of the Mouth of Elohim. These are not Commands only between Yeshua and His Father, but they are universal for all souls who will enter into the Malchut Elohim.

[4] Y'shua speaks the Word of YHWH, not his own words; therefore, he conveys the revelation of YHWH according to the Ruach haKodesh without the baggage of man's religious tradition. Religion has a propensity to reinvent or interpret the Word of YHWH to make it "acceptable" to man's standards; whereas Mashiyach came not to please men, but to honor and bring Glory to his Father.

So, as you can see from the above, Yeshua was sent by the Father NOT as a human “god” and NOT to do His own will; but rather, the holy and perfect will of YHWH! Unfortunately, many seem to think He came to replace the Father and abolish Torah, which is a huge and dangerous misconception. He came to restore man's relationship with YHWH and remind us to totally rely on YHWH for everything.


  1. He came to FULFILL THE LAW AND THE PROPHETS which WAS/IS the Father's Will. Scriptures says, "God is NOT WILLING that ANY should perish...31Cast away from yourselves all the transgressions you have committed, and fashion for yourselves a new heart and a new spirit. Why should you die, O house of Israel? 32For I take no pleasure in anyone’s death, declares the Lord GOD. So repent and live!… Ezekial 18

  2. The early Christians began to worship on the day AFTER the Passover Sabbath to celebrate the Lord's resurrection: Mark 16:2 “Very early in the morning, on the first day of the week, they came to the tomb when the sun had risen.” V.9 Now when He rose early on the first day of the week”

    4413 protos contracted superlative of 4253; foremost (in time, place, order or importance): KJV-- before, beginning, best, chief (-est), first (of all), former.

    Each tell us the first day of the week not the Sabbath (which is the seventh day), but after the day of rest. The day after the Sabbath is CALLED Sunday today, but I believe clearly REPRESENTS the EIGHT DAY, the Jewish Sukkot being FULFILLED, as well as the FEAST OF FIRST FRUITS, because Jesus WAS the FIRST FRUITS of all who will be RESURRECTED from the dead - the first day of the week. The Feast of First-fruits is on the first Sunday after the Passover. So, we should DANCE for Jesus then, the Word made flesh.


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