Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Counter-missionaries present the next installment of “Top Ten Halloween Stories in the New Testament”

Well, it’s nice to know that New Testament debunkers Jason and Jono saw fit to affirm that “Carmen Welker is not a lesbian!” (In their latest radio show aimed at comparing some New Testament stories with the horrors of Halloween, my name - apparently designed to provide levity or comedy relief to their show – is mentioned at 13:23 and lasts for several minutes. See their latest video.)

Why was my name mentioned? Who knows! But it certainly fit right in with the rest of the aimless and nonsensical banter of the first twenty minutes of their podcast. Apparently, Jono felt the need to mention me in his prattle because I had written “SHAME ON YOU!” on a recent Facebook post that was advertising an earlier show of theirs entitled, Top Ten Halloween Stories in the New Testament:

Anyway, of you are among those thinking of rejecting Messiah Yeshua because some counter-missionaries have been filling your head with “ear tickling” things about how the NT and “Jesus” are myths, then I invite you to take a listen to both of these shows (if nothing else, browse your way through), as they serve as perfect examples of the depth of nonsense counter-missionaries throw at the vulnerable in their relentless efforts to get people to reject the entire New Testament.

If, after you’ve watched these shows, you recognize these two podcast hosts are but a sample of the twisted world of deception that lies ahead for you should you decide to “reject Jesus,” then CONGRATULATIONS for having the intellect to see through their antics.

However, if you believe they have proven their case against YHWH’s Messiah and the NT, then we wish you well on your journey into complete separation from YHWH. (See: Matthew 25:34, 41, 46; Luke 16:22–23; Matthew 8:12; Thessalonians 1:8–9; Jude 1:13; Matthew 25:46; Second Thessalonians 1:8–9; Revelation 20:14–15, etc.)

For further information on this subject, please visit our website’s Countering Jewish Counter-Missionaries page.

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