Saturday, October 27, 2018

Atheist comment concerning the Sodom and Gemorrah story: "What kind of a man would offer his virgin daughters to a gang of sex-crazed men?"

A lot happened in this week's Torah portion; not the least of which was the story of the destruction of Sodom and Gemorrah - cities that were so vile and wicked that the occupants were determined to have their way with the "men" who came to visit Lot (Genesis 19:4-8).

People - this type of behavior is with us today! The Bible tells us that the Son of Man (Yeshua) would return when the world was once again as it was in the days of Noah (Matthew 24:37-39; Luke 17:26-27)....

Judging by everything that is happening today, it won't be long before Yeshua returns to snatch the world and its peoples out of the hands of haSatan! (This is why it is so important for people to "get themselves right with God" now. So many are just playing around with the Word, abusing the "I'm under grace" card....)

We once had a atheist write to our website to let us know that, in his opinion, "believers" are all perverts and hypocrites; using as an example the fact that Lot offered his virgin daughters to the town's men, to keep them from sexually abusing the "visitors."

"What kind of a man would offer his virgin daughters to a gang of sex-crazed men?" the atheist asked.

Our reply:

The kind who feared God! This man, Lot, knew that these visitors were ANGELS - holy beings, and that Lot and his entire household would be doomed forever if he allowed the angels to be sexually molested while under his roof.

Of course, the angels would never have allowed these perverts to get near them, in the first place; but be that as it may, Lot knew he HAD to try to prevent harm to them, at ANY cost!

Regardless, even though it would have killed him to see his daughters defiled, maimed or even murdered, Lot's fear of, and respect for YHWH overrode everything in this particular situation!

This story is a perfect example where "Fear of God" must override everything else because, in the end, HE is ALL that matters... HE offers eternal life to those who are wholeheartedly His; and eternal separation from those who aren't. There is no gray area.

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  1. How refreshing Carmen! I love what you are doing I found your site while digging deeper for a citation for the research into a book I am writing- but it caught my eye so I stayed a moment... and I would just absolutely LOVE to send you a copy and compare notes, I am sure the same Ruach has moved our hands as I just see perusing your book titles. mine is my first, it is in the final editing stages now and is called Deep Revolt: Lucifer's War on Law! :) if you are interested email me an address where I can send a copy


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