Monday, September 17, 2018

"Why Yom Kippur since Yeshua was our atonement?"

"Why Yom Kippur since Yeshua was our atonement?" Check out this great Yom Kippur teaching from my husband, Bill Welker, which serves to explain:

Most are familiar with the name Sandy Koufax. He was a left-handed pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers from 1955 to 1966. Truth be had, they were the Brooklyn Dodgers till they moved to Los Angeles in 1958. But for all practical purposes Sandy played for the Dodgers his whole baseball career despite the relocation of the team.

Sandy Koufax was a brilliant pitcher...amazing really. He would stretch out practically horizontal making his entire body a catapult which would cause his curve ball to be practically un-hittable! When he retired his record was 2,396 strikeouts in 2,324 1/3 innings. He was actually forced to retire because of damage he sustained due to the severe strain he would put on his left arm to pitch. Doctors said he might lose the arm if he continued pitching another season!

Well, Sandy is Jewish but not a particularly religious Jew. Like many of his birthright, he was not especially cognizant of or observant of his faith. But it happened that in 1965, The Dodgers reached the World Series and Sandy was scheduled to pitch the opening game. He refused.

You see the opening game of the 1965 World Series fell on Yom Kippur and it was that important to him that he not work that day.

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