Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Our country keeps sinking to newer lows, thanks to its love for money (1 Timothy 6:10). Right now, I’m referring specifically to Nike who recently hired that knee-taking traitor Kaepernick to be the new “face of Nike.”

My husband and I are both 20-year veterans of the US military and we believe it’s high time to stop buying Nike products! Nike has, in effect, by hiring Kaepernick, kicked every veteran in the face.

For the folks who don’t know it, it’s not those who make their living by acting, singing, or playing GAMES; but ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY and VETERANS who are THE REASON WE HAVE MANAGED TO KEEP THE RIGHTS this country was founded on … the very rights that many liberals  are abusing to suit their own personal agendas!

SHAME ON ALL the ridiculously rich Hollywood types and the NFL and all those who ABUSE their “power” and their respective platforms to make their personal statements!  And SHAME ON corporations such as NIKE for promoting rich, spoiled, loud-mouthed brats who abuse their “rights” by squashing the voices of those who actually EARNED this country’s rights!

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