Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Our country keeps sinking to newer lows, thanks to its love for money (1 Timothy 6:10). Right now, I’m referring specifically to Nike who recently hired that knee-taking traitor Kaepernick to be the new “face of Nike.”

My husband and I are both 20-year veterans of the US military and we believe it’s high time to stop buying Nike products! Nike has, in effect, by hiring Kaepernick, kicked every veteran in the face.

For the folks who don’t know it, it’s not those who make their living by acting, singing, or playing GAMES; but ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY and VETERANS who are THE REASON WE HAVE MANAGED TO KEEP THE RIGHTS this country was founded on … the very rights that many liberals  are abusing to suit their own personal agendas!

SHAME ON ALL the ridiculously rich Hollywood types and the NFL and all those who ABUSE their “power” and their respective platforms to make their personal statements!  And SHAME ON corporations such as NIKE for promoting rich, spoiled, loud-mouthed brats who abuse their “rights” by squashing the voices of those who actually EARNED this country’s rights!


  1. It pains my heart and make me sick.
    The "black athlete" and the woe is me my skin is my sin nonsense. Not one of the high profile "black athletes" protested in the year of a contract extension 🤔; where was all this injustice when mega deals for Primetime, BoJackson, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson🤔...gimme a break. As an old tv star would say: " what you talking bout' Willis." I feel ashamed not of the color of my skin, but, ashamed that I'm forever gonna be associated with race baiting, playing the race card and seeking a get out my drama free card. We had Beyonce and the black fist episode at the Superbowl; Michael Bennett false statement of being scared for his life when video footage caught him non-compliant when officer's did a sweep of the casino that reported shots fired..."

    Yeah there injustices everywhere; what are these celebrities doing in the inner cities, I'm not talking just for face time, staged for charity. I mean real work, addressing the black stigma, generational welfare heists and the dysfunctional family dynamic. Lebron can make a school but he will never fix the epidemic of generational black entitlement until blacks as people look inside the house and address the elephant in the closet. I've seen this for years, grew up with the stereotypes and stigmas and until YHWH (The One True God) opened my eyes I'd been another dumb, embittered black blaming the "white man" for all my stupid decisions.

    I've long stopped playing the♠️card; in fact I don't like being called black (No, I don't deny my heritage; my name is Kofi Osakwe Banks, I identify as as American; my skin is not my sin and I'm grateful God placed me in this earth suit.) I'm not "black", kinda mahogany brown😏. I've gotten in some heated conversation with those who wanna keep the "power to the people ✊"... mindset.
    Years ago while mediating, I read and re-read the Exodus 9, when YHWH instructs Moshe to tell Pharaoh to "let my people go". This is a decree for the human race; and oh YHWH ,please, get it through the thick head and hard hearts of "blacks" that you've set them free from generational enslavement.

    Question: during the weekend of August 5th 2018, there were 60 people and 12 killed in Chicago. If the "black knee-athlete" wanted to take a platform, why not then? Where was the BLM? Where was Al Sharpton, Oprah, Barack, Maxine, Beyonce, Lebron...where? Chillin' while poor "lives" were being slain and silenced with no voice.



  2. Carmen, great post. As I've posted before, I find myself turned off by sports over the last several years as it gets too much attention and publicity. Plus, I don't find anything exciting or interesting about athletics.

  3. I agree with you. I am a 24 year veteran and still serving here. However, I say pray for them all to have God change their hearts. Let God do what he sees fit. Satan is always at work on the Earth, but God's children ultimately prevail.


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