Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The ridiculous excuses some use to reject Yeshua....

I just saw an article written by a former Christian who “left Jesus”, and he started out with these words: “When Christians or Messianics discover that all the purported "messianic prophecies" in the Christian writings are without exception based on distortions, misreadings, mistranslations and passages taken out of context, they are often left with a burning question: if Jesus/Yeshua was not the promised Messiah, who will be?  The short answer – Who cares?”

Who cares?  Well, everyone should because Scripture tells us, unless we believe that Y'shua is the Messiah, they won't get to see the Father!  (John 14:6)  Scripture did NOT say, "everyone EXCEPT for the Jews!"

Another wrote:  "Jesus can't do anything for you that you can't do alone. In fact, you can do plenty that he can't do for you at all. Only you can turn to the Creator, repent of your mistakes and be forgiven, then move on and do better. Ez 18. You sinned, own it and move on. Trying to get someone else to 'take on your sin' for you, simply is not biblical."

Well, perhaps THEY believe "it's not biblical"; but according to MY Bible, YHWH sure seems to think it is.  He gave us a "rest of the story" via the "New Testament" - which perfectly lines up with the "Old" matter HOW MUCH anyone attempts to twist it!

SIGH!  Just sigh....

I'm so sick of former Messianics being used to proseletyze for Judaism and enticing each other to do it in a most vile manner, making it seem there is a new war in progress - and it’s not just with ISIS, Al Qaida or Boko Haram or crazed nut jobs with guns shooting unarmed people during Bible study!One of the things that most upsets me about these “converts” or “convert wannabe’s” is that they are so mean about it, setting up entire networks of supporters who encourage each other to be vocal against those of us who believe in Y’shua, and to seek us out to harass and berate us in any way possible.  They don't even realize they're just puppets being controlled by the rabbis (the "anti-missionary" rabbis who spend all their days "debunking Jesus") who provide all kinds of “great-sounding, ear-tickling” teachings designed to show that the New Testament is a myth.

Another former believer in Yeshua recently wrote the following in an anti-missionary thread:  “It’s really only since leaving the NT that I have been in a place where I am happy to explore the text for myself and make up my own mind...I’ve seen a gigantic wave of new or empowered characters rising up to lend a hand, a heart and a shoulder to the thousands of souls who are leaving the church each month and it fills me with joy.”

Well, my question to this person would be:  Why couldn’t you explore the text all along?  What was stopping you?  Did being Christian for most of your life automatically make you illiterate, blind, lazy, stupid, too tired to study the Bible - or what?  And just because you ultimately found your way to Torah, and you finally had THE WHOLE TRUTH which caused you to read the WHOLE Bible for once in your life, did that somehow make you too dense to comprehend the things you were reading – for instance, the fact that Y’shua was foreshadowed throughout the Tanach and in the mo’edim? 

Both as a former Christian and as a former Messianic/HR type, WHO, exactly stopped you from seeking YHWH’s Truth yourself BEFORE you became so all-fired “enlightened” and found Judaism where some rabbis suggest you pre-tear your toilet paper before Shabbat so that you won’t be guilty of “work”?  Does that make more sense to you than “believing in Jesus?”  If so, then perhaps you should consider pre-chewing your food, as well...God forbid, you be guilty of causing your jaws to work on Shabbat!

So, back to the question as to WHO, exactly stopped you from seeking YHWH’s Truth yourself BEFORE you became so all-fired “enlightened” and found Judaism?

The answer is:  YOU DID, you dummy!   People like you, who go religion-hopping because you were too dense to seek the Holy Spirit for guidance in your earlier years, embody the following – because this is exactly what I see in those who have rejected Y’shua, and now feel obligated to spend all their waking hours bashing those of us who still believe in Him:

2 Timothy 3: 1. But know this: That in the latter days hard times will come:  2. and men will be lovers of themselves and lovers of money, boasters, proud, revilers, unyielding towards their own people, deniers of grace, wicked,  3. unloving, addicted to irreconcilable malicious gossips, ferocious, haters of the good,  4. treacherous, rash, inflated, attached to pleasure more than to the love of Elohim,  5. having a form of respect for Elohim but wide from the power of Elohim. Them who are such, repel from you.  6. For of them are they who creep into this and that house and captivate the women who are plunged in sins and led away by divers lusts,  7. who are always learning, and can never come to the knowledge of the truth. (AENT)

Colossians 2:  8. Beware, or else any man make you naked by philosophy and by vain deception, according to the doctrines of men, according to the rudiments of the world, and not according to the Mashiyach  9 in whom dwells all the fullness of Elohim bodily.

If you didn’t “explore the texts for yourself and come to your own conclusions” while you were a supposed Christian or Messianic/HR believer, then I have to be blunt and tell you, you must have been awfully dense or lazy, because the answer to YHWH/Y’shua/Torah is contained in every Bible version there is.  YOU were the problem, not “Christianity” or “the church” or anyone else.  YOU!


  1. Shalom Sister Shali. These are the people that Yochanan mentioned from the verses below and we should be aware of them.

    7 For many deceivers have gone out into the world, people who do not acknowledge Yeshua the Messiah’s coming as a human being. Such a person is a deceiver and an anti-Messiah. 8 Watch yourselves, so that you won’t lose what you have worked for, but will receive your full reward. 9 Everyone who goes ahead and does not remain true to what the Messiah has taught does not have God. Those who remain true to his teaching have both the Father and the Son. 10 If someone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, don’t welcome him into your home. Don’t even say, “Shalom!” to him; 11 for the person who says, “Shalom!” to him shares in his evil deeds.

    1. Amein, and thank you for your very wise post!


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