Monday, June 22, 2015

The "anti-missionaries" are still trying to "debunk" the Messianic prophecies....

Australian radio host Jono Vandor just can't leave it alone.  He's still out there "debunking" our Messianic Prophecies article on The Refiner's Fire on his podcasts.  (See Truth2U.)  Jono wrote in response to someone trying to defend Y'shua:   “Hosea” means salvation, “Yehoshua” (Joshua) means YHVH saves. Jesus’ name, according to the New Testament, which was written in Greek, was “Iesous” and he failed to fulfill even one messianic prophecy." 

Yup, he's right.  For those who like to sit and twist Scripture "Jesus" didn't even fulfill one messianic prophecy, LOL!  However, for those of us whose eyes have been opened to ALL of YHWH's Truth, you can bet your bottom dollar YESHUA has fulfilled at least 300 of them!  Not one other "messiah" - dead or alive - has ever accomplished this!  See Messiah Qualifications and Biblical Feasts.  

Amazing that so many believers in Yeshua today (who came out of Christianity to accept Torah) are going  a step further to REJECT Y'shua in order to follow the Jewish anti-missionary rabbis and people like Jono who sit around "debunking Jesus" all day long!  Ironically, it has apparently never dawned on all these "intellects" that if YESHUA is a myth, then how can anyone honestly  believe the "Old Testament" stories? 

I mean - come on!  - they frown on the idea of Yeshua and the New Testament and refer to them as myths, while at the same time they speak of a God who – in all honesty - nobody has ever seen because “we cannot look upon God without dying” (Exodus 33:20)…who supposedly breathed the heavens and earth into being in just 7 days, and made a man out of dirt who got kicked out of a place called Eden for taking a bite out of an apple.  Noooo - they don’t question that!   All that apparently seems perfectly logical.

They don’t question the passages that tell us God became so angry with the world that He sent a flood that wiped out everybody except for Noah and his family who ended up populating the earth all over again.  And they have no problem believing that Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt, or that God spoke to Moshe through a “burning bush” or that a donkey talked!  And they have no problem visualizing Moshe parting the sea to allow a couple million Israelites to cross on dry land – which, believe me, took more than a few hours! - and then drowning Pharoah and the Egyptians who gave chase....

And honestly, has anyone seen a video of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego going into a burning oven and coming out unscathed? Do we really know for certain that Lot’s daughters committed incest with their own father?  I’m one hundred percent positive that no one alive today can claim that their ancestor was in that cave with Lot and his daughters to witness this – yet the Jewish anti-missionaries and those who have defected to "their side" (who are being used as weapons against "us" now - and may I say I have personally been the victim of their vicious verbal bashings!) accept it as completely true!  And they also see nothing unusual about millions of animals being slaughtered to atone for Israel’s sins....

But to suggest that YHWH would send His Son to teach believers how to walk in Torah and then to be a divine substitute, martyring Himself – now that’s just too much to expect!

I mean, after all, they insist, "Jesus" didn't bring about peace during his time on earth, along with a few other things.  ...Well, it just so happens, we have an answer for that, too!

May Y’shua return very soon to put an end to all the nonsense and put us on HIS Path, where we belong!


  1. yahshua has put us on his path. me, 40 years ago... never looked back - still his. brethren from around the world we are one in him, as he is one with the father, so he has by HIS WORD accomplished in us. tulsa brethren(underground; not accepted by Jews nor greeks), (servant: dulos77)

    1. Good for you, dear brother/sister! Amein to your comments!


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