Sunday, June 28, 2015

GOD'S love will win in the end, so let the heathens rejoice while they can....

I've been slightly despondent over the fact that the United States has become a nation that caters to sinners - those who deliberately mock and/or attempt to twist God's Word.  

But, it came to me this morning that, regardless as to what “the world” is doing, WE Believers need to continue being a set-apart light to the nations. Yes, they will mock us (they mocked and killed Y’shua and He warned us these things would happen; and they mocked His disciples and apostles, too. We MUST stand strong and be witnesses for “the lost” – whether they appreciate it, or not. No one ever said this would be easy! YHWH never – to coin a hackneyed phrase – promised us a rose garden. People of Yah have NEVER had it easy, so why should we expect a ticker parade whenever we speak His Truth? Y’shua said:

Matthew 10:22. And you will be hated by all men because of my name, but whoever that endures until the end, he will live. 23. But when they persecute you in this city, you flee to another. For truly I say to you that you will not complete all the cities of the house of Israel until the Son of man will come. (AENT)

We who have “died to self” and given our life, body and soul to YHWH/Y’shua, are no different from the original shlichim/apostles/sent ones. Adam was sent forth from Gan Eden/Garden of Eden – and he taught YHWH’s Truth to his children and his children’s children, etc. Later, Y'shua's disciples were sent forth to bring souls into the Kingdom. And the shlichim went out and preached the Truth, often with much opposition.

Instead of mourning the demise of "good" and "morality" and and "traditional marriage," and lamenting that our country is lost, pray instead that YHWH chooses you to serve in some way in these end times. And if He chooses you to be a shaliach/apostle, REJOICE and OBEY! Don’t be afraid! Get up every morning with the thought in mind that on THIS day you will kick satan’s ugly butt!

Yes, you will encounter opposition, but so what? The world HATES Truth! But chances are, WE might be the ONLY “light” the world will see on the ever-darkening horizon....


  1. HalleluYah!!! We've been refined by fire; pressured to shine like diamonds (It is not possible to hide a city on a mountain). It is 11:59, may we not slumber; gather your oil for the bridegroom comes for his bride.

  2. Thanks Shali, and we are not citizen of this world but of the world to come (olam haba). Let's keep Y'shua's promises in our heart because He will never fail and He is always truthful.


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