Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The "viper pits" of supposed Believers who view themselves as holy....

YHWH time and time again commands HIS people to be holy/set apart.  Yet, if you peruse Facebook and other social media, you'll discover many "wannabe's"  - people who like to think of themselves as holy and knowledgeable, yet do the same thing they've always done:  Pick and choose whatever scriptures will support their ideas so they can force them down the world's collective throat.

Check it out for yourself!  Take Facebook, for instance, which is fraught with self-proclaimed experts "yelling" at each other - each louder than the other, in hopes of forcing people to understand their respective viewpoint.  You will find traditional Jews arguing with Christians and Messianic/Hebrew Roots believers, lording their perceived superiority over everyone else.  You'll see Christians who found their way to Torah, allowing themselves to once again become confused and choose yet another false path by deciding to accept only traditional Judaism and rejecting Y'shua and the entire New Testament.  

And you'll see anti-Torah viper pits run such as Joyfully Growing in Grace (or JGIG), run by a Christian housewife named Wendy Burgess who apparently views herself as a Christian apologetics guru - whose ONLY goal in life (as is evidenced on her blog and Facebook page of the same name) appears to be to goad, berate, harass and bash those who wish to OBEY God!

Just like the traditional Jews and Hebrew Roots turncoats (who have decided the "NT and Jesus are a farce") who do nothing but sit around and give people a Torah/Tanach concussion, "JGIG" will always take you back to "the other side" - the last 1/4 of the Bible (the New Testament) - specifically,  the much misunderstood writings of Paul upon which Christianity is based - and verbally beat people to death with them....

Matthew 7:13-14 tells us that most will not be taking that narrow path that leads to life.  "Life" refers to the eternal life that YHWH's people will get to enjoy.  HIS people, as amply revealed throughout the ENTIRE Bible, are those who have accepted YHWH as their ELOHIM; who obey His Torah; AND who have recognized that Y'shua is His Divine Messiah - someone whose precious blood atoned for our sins, and all one has to do to gain eternal life is to believe that fact....

Final thoughts:  For those who insist TORAH is not for the "church today" we ask you to explain why you  claim Deuteronomy 28:1-4, but disregard 15-68; and we wonder why you don't claim Deuteronomy 27:26…and yet you claim Psalms 141:1-2, but disregard Proverbs 28:9….

Proverbs 28:9 If a person will not listen to Torah, even his prayer is an abomination.

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