Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A rant about Ebola and the decisions of our "leaders"

Will someone please explain to me the logic in these things:

Doctors and nurses who handle Ebola patients and their body fluids and vomit don’t have to be quarantined upon returning to the U.S. from W. Africa; but our U.S. troops who are being MISUTILIZED by being sent to Ebola-stricken nations only to build medical facilities for Ebola patients, never coming into contact with Ebola themselves, WILL have to be quarantined upontheir return!  

I am shaking my head over the blatant STUPIDITY of that!  Is that fair?  Does that even make sense?  Well, apparently it does to our country’s “leaders!”

And - apparently people don’t have to have brains to become doctors and nurses, because one nurse (who had taken care of Duncan, the guy who seems to have deliberately brought Ebola to our country, and who had lied about handling a dying Ebola patient before he came, therefore risking infecting the entire US!) went flying across the U.S. WHILE she had Ebola symptoms!

And more recently, one doctor – a guy from NYC, a volunteer for Doctors Without Borders - came back from W. Africa (after taking care of Ebola patients) and went jogging, bowling and to a restaurant ON THE DAY HE FELT SICK!

Right now, we have one nurse screaming her guts out and threatening to sue because her “rights” have been violated, because someone with brains is trying to get medical workers to be quarantined for the good of all, AFTER they return to the US from Ebola-stricken nations.  HER RIGHTS?  What about OUR rights to NOT contract Ebola from those who just spent a tour of duty handling deathly ill, dying and dead Ebola patients?  SO WHAT if she “feels fine” right now?   Ebola has a 21 day incubation period!  How does she know she didn’t get Ebola on her last day in Sierra Leone?

How SELFISH can you get?  I guess none of these illustrious EDUCATED people realize that it’s not necessarily about them, but about the health and welfare of EVERYONE ELSE!  My goodness!

Nope.  It’s just a fact.  You don’t have to have brains or common sense to go to college to become a doctor, nurse or leader of the United States!

Rant over.

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