Thursday, October 22, 2020

New to Torah and being harassed by your pastor or friends and family? Here are some pointers!

For those who are new to Torah (the first five Books of the Bible), and you are being harassed about it by your pastor, friends or family, simply ask them some pointed questions – questions that are thoroughly answered in articles on our website, The Refiner’s Fire!  For instance:

  • “If we're all ONE in Christ, then why don't we do exactly as HIS people do, such as keeping the COMMANDED Seventh Day Sabbath – which is a SIGN between God and those who belong to Him? Where is the scripture to show that Jesus abolished the Seventh Day Sabbath and told us to meet on the “first day” (Sunday, on our Gregorian calendars)? ”
  • “Why aren’t we keeping His commanded Feasts/Appointed Times - all of which foreshadow Jesus, who has thus far only fulfilled the first FOUR, with the next one being the so-called rapture?”
  • “Where, exactly does GOD Himself say that, when His Divine Son dies, people will no longer have to adhere to His “forever” commands outlined in Torah?  (Such as the Seventh Day Sabbath, the Feasts, and eating only “clean” foods.)   After all, God commanded EVERYONE who accepts Him as their God, to do exactly as His people do!  (See Exodus 12:49, Numbers 15:13-16, Isaiah 56:6, Galatians 3:28 and Romans 10:12-13.)”

Be prepared for the possibility of being inundated with endless questions and challenges from your pastor, family or friends, because they simply cannot comprehend the idea of Torah!  To them, Torah means “works” or that you are “trying to earn your salvation.”  They were taught that “God is love” and that a Torah-less God-man named “Jesus” came to bring grace and mercy and basically abolish YHW'H’s Torah so that Christians would have to do nothing except “Believe in Jesus.”!

Guaranteed, their responses to you will ALWAYS be, “But PAUL said….”  (And, as you now know, Paul’s writings often seem to NEGATE what God commanded in His Torah and what Yeshua taught.  However, Paul’s writings, when read in a Hebrew instead of Greek context, clearly reveal that he NEVER negated Torah, mainly because Paul – as a mere human – didn’t have that right!)

If you end up feeling overwhelmed by all the challenges you are certain to encounter, simply send your pastor, family or friends to our website, The Refiner’s Fire, and we will be happy to help them understand what Torah is…. 

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