Wednesday, October 28, 2020

A question for America

Why is it that whenever a Black person is attacked in any way by a white person, the media jumps all over it, making sure to mention the COLOR of the attacker was WHITE. Yet, whenever Blacks commit a crime, the color of the victim is rarely EVER mentioned, and their crime is immediately "downplayed" in some way?


And WHY wasn't this particular incident mentioned on the national TV news networks? I can assure you that if the perps had been WHITE, and the victim Black, there would have been screaming headlines and protest marches by the BLM in the streets!

Here is just ONE example of why I am so incensed about this kind of thing: This particular article doesn't mention what color the victim was, but it IS SURE to mention that the women's lawyer is making plenty of excuses for their violent and vicious behavior. Take a look:

"At the bond hearing on Tuesday, the sisters’ court-appointed attorney argued the first-degree attempted murder charges were too extreme because they were acting in self-defense and have bipolar disorder, according to the Chicago Tribune. The sisters have no criminal record."

Sorry, but I don't care WHAT they are "suffering from!" They deserve the maximum for being EVIL, VICIOUS, VIOLENT, pathetic excuses for humanity! NOBODY has a "right" to attack someone for doing their job!!!! I don't care WHAT "color" they are!

And, oh yeah - they were "acting in self-defense?" REALLY? The guard never approached them! He simply told them to put on a mask, because that is the store rules in SECOND WAVE our the COVID pandemic!

I'm getting really, really SICK of all those nonsense! TWO THINGS need to happen:

(1) The MEDIA needs to start reporting the NEWS, like they're supposed to; and stop forcing their own liberal, self-centered biased opinions down our collective throat!

(2) PEOPLE need to STOP behaving like childish, selfish, self-centered, uneducated, spoiled rotten brats; and begin to realize THEY aren't the only people on the planet, and that everything is NOT "about them."

And most of all, ALL Americans (Black, White, Red, Brown, Yellow and everything else in between) need to learn to take responsibility for their own actions, so they can come up with resolutions for the "greater good" because - as it stands right now, we are headed to Hell in that proverbial "hand basket."

We were once the greatest nation on earth - in part, BECAUSE we were "one nation under GOD" - consisting of diverse races, each contributing to a beautiful "melting pot" called "The United States of America" - where people were free to pursue their dreams (IF they were willing to get up off their rumps and WORK for it!)....

Unfortunately, we somehow turned into a nation of entitled, me-oriented, self-centered "toddlers," pitching fits if everything isn't handed to them on a silver platter....

Well, here's a hard truth:

As things stand right now, "Pandora's Box" has been opened, and there's no stopping this craziness, until Yeshua returns. The ONLY remedy is if the entire country shuts its collective "big mouth" and starts looking toward YHWH/Yeshua/Torah for resolutions.

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