Monday, October 26, 2020

A plain and simple truth!

A plain and simple truth!

You can't know WHOM you're worshiping unless you've actually studied the Torah.

Unless Torah is engraved in the furthest regions of your soul, you cannot possibly know who ADONAI is, who His Divine Messiah is, or what YHWH expects of His people. Without a firm grasp of Torah, you cannot know how to be holy, set apart….


A toddler is happy just being alive, running around, playing, and simply being a child - but he can do nothing on his own. He can't provide for himself; he can’t read or write or do simple arithmetic, ride a bike or drive a car. He cannot function in the world all by himself. He has to LEARN all those things while his body and mind continue to grow.

Same holds true with Scripture. Unfortunately today, MOST prefer to remain in the "toddler" stage.

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