Friday, January 17, 2020

Yeshua wasn’t a “sacrifice”–he offered himself, against which there is no Torah prohibition!

As you all know, God never demanded a human sacrifice - which is what Jewish counter-missionaries attempt to use against Yeshua...because Christianity insists he was a "sacrifice".

Truth is, Yeshua - like the Passover lambs, which were also NOT "sacrificed" (because nobody "sacrificed" them) Yeshua OFFERED himself ... and there is no Torah prohibition against that! He was a human martyr who had a divine qnoma/nature, and by his divine blood, we are cleansed from our PAST sins.

However, while we weren't supposed to offer HUMAN SACRIFICES, YHWH - as our Elohim and Almighty and Creator of the entire universe - certainly can do anything He wants!

And what He obviously wanted (as evidenced in Isaiah 53 and in all the Mo'edim/Feasts) was for His Messiah to be born. to teach and preach and do everything his Father commanded, and then to die ... so that mankind (not just the Jews but ANYONE who accepted Him as their ELOHIM) could have a way to become redeemed without the Temple, which was destroyed in 70 AD.

And - as we all know - YHWH's Divine Messiah chose to martyr a sin OFFERING, against which there IS NO TORAH LAW! According to a footnote in the Aramaic English New Testament:

Offerings "qurbana" and sacrifices "dabekha" are two different entities. Although there are certain aspects to Mashiyach's death that are utterly unique to him (Zechariah 12:10, etc.), his death nevertheless echoes aspects of offerings and sacrifices that came before.

The qurbana is the human life (nefesh) that Y'shua voluntarily offers up on the stake. The result of that offering is his blood put out on the "altar"; hence dabekha.
However, this is certainly not, as some critics suggest, human sacrifice. Rather, this indicates Y'shua's status as Mashiyach ben Yoseph.

Per strict accordance with Isaiah 53 and Genesis 22:8, Mashiyach ben Yoseph was required to suffer and die. After his death, the offering of himself became a sacrifice that was taken up, and he was resurrected three days later. Many of YHWH's prophets also suffered and were martyred at the hands of those who fought against the Malchut Elohim.

In the case of Mashiyach, his shed blood is counted as the acceptable offering, the Lamb of YHWH, which is most Set Apart unto YHWH.

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