Sunday, June 17, 2018

Recommended reading….

If you like books about survivors of sexual abuse, then you’ll love my autobiography, Rags to Rabbi.  It’s a true survivor story about a little Jewish girl (me), born into extreme poverty in post-war Germany, given away at birth, and then forcefully removed from a loving foster home at age nine and taken to the United States by my natural mother - a prostitute who had married an American soldier, who happened to be a raving pedophile.

Of course, there were many hard times and after high school I joined the US Army to get away from everything. Unfortunately, "the enemy" has a way of keeping us subdued and bogged down with the baggage of our past. Suffice it to say, there was a huge behind-the-scenes struggle for my soul, but YHWH won, and today I spend ALL my time working for Him, to the best of my ability. (Halleluyah - He gets ALL the glory!) You can find a more comprehensive outline of my book by clicking on this link.


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