Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Fall Festivals are upon us!

Hey, everybody, the Fall festivals are coming up! Check it out:

• Yom Teruah (Trumpets)/Rosh Hashana is Thursday, Sept. 21: This Feast on Tishri 1 is also considered the New Year ( ; it is the Jewish Civil New Year; the creation of the world, according to tradition; the anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve and their first actions toward the realization of man's role in the world; of the first sin that was committed and resulting repentance; a day when YHWH takes stock of all of His Creation, which includes all of humanity. It's a rehearsal for the day when the bridegroom will come to claim us, his bride, who are betrothed to Him.

Leviticus 23:23-25: ADONAI said to Moshe, "Tell the people of Isra'el, 'In the seventh month, the first of the month is to be for you a day of complete rest for remembering, a holy convocation announced with blasts on the shofar. Do not do any kind of ordinary work, and bring an offering made by fire to ADONAI.'" (CJB)

According to tradition, during this time YHWH's people are to concentrate all their efforts into making amends with their brethren and apologizing for past offenses. However, what most traditional Jews do not yet realize is that this Feast is the next one to be fulfilled by Yeshua, because when the trumpets will sound and the true believers in Messiah Yeshua will be gathered/resurrected (I Thess. 4:13-18, I Cor. 15:50-54).

• Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) this year falls on September 30: Celebrated ten days after Yom Teruah; represents the need for the sacrifice/sin offering that must be made for the sins of the nation. Yeshua WAS that Sacrifice and He will be recognized for it at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb which will take place immediately after Rosh Hashana/the "rapture" just BEFORE we all return with Him to fulfill the Feast of Tabernacles, wherein Yeshua will "tabernacle" among us for the next thousand years! Celebrated on Tishri 10, this Feast falls in the September/October timeframe.

Leviticus 16:29: "It is to be a permanent regulation for you that on the tenth day of the seventh month you are to deny yourselves and not to do any kind of work, both the citizen and the foreigner living with you. For on this day, atonement will be made for you to purify you; you will be clean before ADONAI from all your sins. It is a Shabbat of complete rest for you, and you are to deny yourselves. This is a permanent regulation." (CJB)

• Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) this is on Oct 5-12. The first and last days are high holy days: Sukkot as seen in Leviticus 23: 33-37, is celebrated five days after Yom Kippur. Sukkot is a week-long holiday that reminds us of the hardships of Israel's 40 years in the wilderness and provides us with insight into the correct birth date of our awesome Messiah. Yeshua, our Savior was born during the Feast of Sukkot (not on the 25th of December, which is a Christian myth!) and He was circumcised on the eighth day.

Because there was no room at the inn because of the census (Luke 2:7), Miriam and Yosef (Mary and Josef) ended up in a "sukkah" - a temporary dwelling. Bethlehem is only about 5 miles from Jerusalem and so Y'shua was born there because there was no room at the inn. The name Bethlehem means "House Of Bread". And as we all know, Y'shua is the Bread of Life" (see John 6:43-51).

Leviticus 23: 33 ADONAI said to Moshe, 34 "Tell the people of Isra'el, 'On the fifteenth day of this seventh month is the feast of Sukkot for seven days to ADONAI. 35 On the first day there is to be a holy convocation; do not do any kind of ordinary work. 36 For seven days you are to bring an offering made by fire to ADONAI; on the eighth day you are to have a holy convocation and bring an offering made by fire to ADONAI ; it is a day of public assembly; do not do any kind of ordinary work.

37 "'These are the designated times of ADONAI that you are to proclaim as holy convocations and bring an offering made by fire to ADONAI -a burnt offering, a grain offering, a sacrifice and drink offerings, each on its own day - 38 besides the Shabbats of ADONAI, your gifts, all your vows and all your voluntary offerings that you give to ADONAI. (CJB)

In Deuteronomy 16:13 - 15, YHWH tells the Israelites: "You are to keep the festival of Sukkot for seven days after you have gathered the produce of your threshing-floor and winepress. Rejoice at your festival - you, your sons and daughters, your male and female slaves, the L'vi'im (Levites), and the foreigners, orphans and widows living among you. Seven days you are to keep the festival for ADONAI your God in the place ADONAI your God will choose, because ADONAI your God will bless you in all your crops and in all your work, so you are to be full of joy! (CJB)

For more about God’s Feasts, please check out our article!


  1. Oh thank you so much for this post!
    i have been seeking this information
    but you have written it clearly that i
    understand it much more now.

    -un-worthy lowly dog

    1. Anonymous - please stop referring to yourself as "unworthy" or "lowly dog." YHWH doesn't create "junk"... If you view yourself as such, then you really need to re-read the Bible to discover who you are! Yeshua DIED for you? Does that make you an "unworthy, lowly dog?" I think not! :)

  2. • Can you please give more information about the Fall Feasts?
    • Can you explain deeper: Starting with Yom Teruah (Trumpets)/Rosh Hashana is Thursday, Sept. 21?
    • Please also explain more about the other 2 Feasts!

    i, humbly, and lovingly, must say these are my first Feasts i am keeping, but have kept weekly Sabbath for a long time!


    • Am i right in thinking that it starts at sunset Wednesday, Sept., 20th?

    Am i to keep it the same as weekly Sabbath?

    Lovingly posted by BEAR.


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