Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The coming eclipse is NOT a biblical “sign”….

By now you've surely seen several teachers trying to use the upcoming eclipse as yet another biblical "sign" … Question:  WHY would a regular, common, completely predicable (in advance) astronomical occurrence be a prophetic SIGN? 

These same teachers were also warning you that the "blood moons" of 2014-2015 were portends/signs of horrific things to come during that period.  Well, as usual, nothing out of the ordinary happened as my husband revealed in his short article that attempted to debunk the hype

Yet many on FB are following these false teachers AGAIN… never mind that Scriptures warns us to stay clear of their nonsense!  People, it would be a "sign from God" IF something in the heavens occurred that was UNUSUAL and inexplicable!


  1. Carmen, here are two articles from www.icr.org that caught my attention:



    1. Thanks, Kevin. We'll have a look at them!

    2. Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for these links. While the author has some good points, he is, unfortunately not ideally qualified to make his claims. He has assumed his understanding of scripture is right, and has tried to use science to "prove" his position. Unfortunately, this is the same thing many scientists do to prove their science is right and the Bible is wrong.

      What is needed is a "balance". The Bible tells us what God did, not HOW he did it. Science describes what "is", not HOW it came about. Consider this article I wrote some time ago: https://www.therefinersfire.org/science_and_bible.htm

      Blessings, Kevin!


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