Monday, April 10, 2017

The PBS documentary, "The Last Days of Jesus" was a pathetic “grasping at straws” to make their hypothesis fit!

My husband and I recently agonized through a two-hour PBS series called, "The Last Days of Jesus." Oh my gosh, we nearly fell off our chairs over the liberties they took in their twisting of the Gospel accounts! First of all, "Jesus" was apparently "just another man" (one of several "messiahs") who was confused about who he was and basically "took over" John the Baptist's responsibilities after John was beheaded.....

Oh, and these "scholars" also posited the idea that Y'shua rode into Jerusalem on a donkey...NOT for Pesach, but six months earlier during Sukkot - because you apparently can't get palm fronds at any other time besides Sukkot. (Well so much for Y'shua's lament about not being able to spend "this Passover" with his Apostles in Luke 22, right before his death, eh?)

Furthermore, they insisted the entire timeline was off because all these things that happened just before his death couldn't possibly have happened in such a short time. So, they came to the conclusion that he was in prison for at least six months before being crucified. Oyve!!!!

Oh, oh! I almost forgot! These scholars suggested that the reason Jesus wasn't arrested when he turned over the tables of the money changers in the Temple was because he HAD PERMISSION from the Roman leaders to do so!


The only GOOD thing about this pathetic documentary was that they didn't portray "Jesus" as some Casper Milk-Toast blond Adonis!

Here's a description about this documentary from the PBS site:

For almost two thousand years, the story of Jesus’ final days has been celebrated by Christians the world over. From Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, through to his eventual crucifixion six days later, the key moments have been immortalized in countless films, pieces of music, and works of art.

But in recent years, some historians have begun to question inconsistencies in the Gospels’ version of events. They believe that the Gospels could hide a very different story; one that casts the historical Jesus in an entirely new light. Based on a new interpretation of contemporary historical events in Rome, "Last Days of Jesus" peels back thousands of years of tradition, to explore a new political context to the events in Jerusalem.

"Last Days of Jesus" explores how dramatic political events in Rome could have played a crucial role in shaping Jesus’ destiny, and examines an extraordinary political alliance that altered the course of history.


  1. Shali, on weekends I watch Dr. Kent Hovind's "Creation Series." One thing that he talks about on his series is this: if the earth is millions of years old (as secularists and evolutionists claim), why did the Mashiyach come for? Just more evidence that evolution and millions of years don't fit in at all with the Bible.

  2. Exactly, Kevin! I love watching Kent Hovind, too!

    1. Here are some thought-provoking articles to read:

  3. Thanks, Kevin! Shoebat has some great articles. I sure wish he hadn't turned from Islam to Christianity (one "religion" to another, and found his way, instead to the whole Truth of YHWH/Yeshua/Torah....

  4. Shali. Well said. This documentary's thesis was so absurdly laughable for all the reasons you just mentioned. No mention of any of Jesus' teachings either about God and love.

  5. Shali. Well said. This documentary's thesis was so absurdly laughable for all the reasons you just mentioned. No mention of any of Jesus' teachings either about God and love.

  6. Funny how this pathetic little fantasy show ended before the resurrection of Jesus! Just how could they deny that that happened? Of course it happened! Those inward thinking scholars could never work out a way to contradict it! I'm sure this show was a comedy.

  7. Thank you! I feel vindicated in my uneasy feeling after watching this show that it was influenced by evil forces or at the very least ignorance of the bible and history and the message of Jesus. Most importantly, Jesus taught us to live by the Spirit and the fruits are Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control.


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