Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Chag Sameach Pesach, everyone!


Boker Tov and Chag Sameach, everyone! Just as a reminder, the Omer Count begins tonight after sunset. For those new to Torah, here's an explanation about the Omer Count:

What an awesome ELOHIM we serve! He has devised an ingenious way to keep our minds ever on Him via His "weekly" Shabbats (the Seventh Day Sabbath) and His seven "yearly" Shabbats! Spaced strategically throughout the year, each of His Holy Days not only has special significance, but they all foreshadow Y'shua - who has, so far, "fulfilled" the first four!  (Reminder: "Fulfilled" does not mean "abolished." It means, "put into effect" or "converted into reality" that which was prophesied.)

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