Saturday, April 22, 2017

Another little note about “judging”….

Something for us all to chew on -and its really very simple when you think about it:

JAMES 4: 1. From where is it, that there are among you arguments and conflicts? Is it not from the lusts which war in your members? 2. You covet but do not posses; and you kill and envy, and effect nothing: and you fight and make attacks; and you do not have, because you do not ask. 3. You ask, and do not receive because you ask wickedly, that you may feed your lusts.

4. You adulterers, don’t you know that the love of the world is hatred towards Elohim? He therefore who chooses to be a lover of this world is the enemy of Elohim. 5. Or do you think that the Scripture has vainly said: The spirit dwelling in us lusts with envy? 6. But our Master (Y’shua) has given us more grace. Therefore he said: Master YHWH brings low the arrogant, and gives grace to the humble.

7. Subject yourselves therefore to Elohim; and stand firm against the Accuser and he will flee from you. 8. Draw near to Elohim and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners: sanctify your hearts, you who are divided in mind. 9. Humble yourselves and mourn: let your laughter be turned into mourning, and your joy into grief. 10. Humble yourselves before Master YHWH and He will exalt you.

11. Speak not against each other, my Brothers; for he that speaks against his brother, or judges his brother speaks against Torah and judges Torah. And if you judge Torah, you are not a doer of Torah, but its judge.[*] (AENT)

* If you add your own judgments to those already established in the Torah of YHWH, then you have judged Torah as insufficient, and are not allowing it to be your judge.

In other words, when you tell a brother or sister who is committing adultery that they’re sinning and in danger of losing their salvation because it’s DELIBERATE sin – well, that is not “judging” because Torah tells us that adultery warrants a death sentence.

However, if you tell your brother or sister they’re going to burn in hell because they don’t pronounce the Name of God the same way you do (or something equally silly), that IS “judging”….

If YHWH condemns something, it’s considered sin and there’s nothing wrong with letting someone know they are sinning. But, if it’s not in Torah, or Yeshua didn’t condemn it, but you feel like your neighbor is wrong in doing it because YOU don't think he should, then chances are, you are probably “judging”….


  1. As I have written before, church-going people chew me out for using YHWH and Y'shua and not Jehovah and Jesus (I've read your article on the name Jehovah). They also freak out at the mention of Torah.

    1. Most people don't want to hear about the WHOLE TRUTH, Kevin....They're just fine in their religiosity.


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