Sunday, April 16, 2017

A word about CBS’s “Sunday Morning Show”

I wasn’t going to say a word about “Easter” this year, but after watching "Sunday Morning" on TV this morning, I feel led to do just that. There was not ONE word about “Jesus” -without whom Christianity wouldn't even have Easter.

Not one mention of the One who died on our stupid behalf. I was literally in tears by the end of the show, which was all about men and the shrines they’ve built for themselves – i.e. the Vatican, which is a city unto itself and is all about the Pope; and about “St. Peter”, the supposed “corner stone of the Church” and St. Francis of Assisi, etc., and how these men were all about “humbleness and self-sacrifice.”

Well, maybe these men WERE all about those things, and I’m sure they loved God with all their might – but then WHY did they not teach HIS Word? They always TALK about "holiness" but they never teach HOW one becomes holy! You never, ever hear the Pope or any pastor talking about OBEDIENCE to God’s Word! Even Jews "talk around" Scripture and base ALL their teachings on Talmud, Tanya, Mishna - the things "the rabbis and sages said."

"Holiness" seems to consist of whatever MAN can cherry-pick out of Scripture....

Churches everywhere seem to seem to be all about “grace” and “love” and “tolerance” (even of homosexuality which YHWH HATES!), and all manner of worldly junk – the kind of stuff YHWH constantly warned HIS people to GET AWAY FROM!

Somehow, the Creator who gave us His Torah (and may I remind everybody, kicked Adam and Eve OUT of the Garden for THEIR what? Their DISOBEDIENCE to the one cotton-pickin’ command He had given them!) has, over the centuries, become a “loving God, full of grace and mercy” – which translates into: “Do whatever the heck you want and don’t bother about what I consider HOLY, because it’s all about grace and you’ll still get to heaven no matter how many intentional sins you committed!”


This morning’s show even included a segment about the singer Ricky Martin and his popularity and “sold-out” Las Vegas shows … oh, AND the fact that he came out as a “proud gay man.”

Yeah… GREAT “Easter” program by “Sunday Morning”….. Typical worldly nonsense.

It truly makes one wonder why YHWH doesn’t just pull a Korach (Numbers 16:1–18:32), and open up the earth to swallow all these men and their “holy buildings” and all their idols and other garbage that springs from their demented minds….

There is so much more I could say about all of this, but I’d best just shut up while I’m still ahead.


  1. I believe and hope that Peace, Equality, Truth and Righteousness will be established one day by Our Creator, Redeemer and King.

  2. I hope and believe that YHWH will establish Peace, Equality, Truth and Righteousness one day down the line.

  3. Pagan holidays are very hard to get through each year, as all my family along with most all of the C. world celebrate this pagan holiday. I feel very alone in my belief, but for friends like you posting and sharing our Truth helps me get through it with smiles.

    1. Oh, Diane, you're so right. It IS very hard! There comes a point, though, when we who do our best to obey, decide that YHWH/Yeshua/Torah is more important than family and friends. They'll either have to accept us for who we are, or they can turn their backs on us. Unfortunately, when they do that, they're also turning their backs on their Creator who gave us His Torah so that we could know how to be holy in His eyes. HE is really ALL that matters! Halleluyah!


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