Monday, January 17, 2022

A sad truth….

Yeshua said, “Father, forgive them; they don’t understand what they are doing.” (Luke 23:34)

Ever noticed that membership of most Messianic congregations is a mere trickle, while many Christian churches of various theological flavors that very loosely adhere to the Bible, are flooded with myriads desperately seeking God?

No matter how “normal” or how “weird” or unusual their favorite “pastor” might be, people attending “popular” churches or watching the YouTube videos of their favorite “big-wig” evangelist, rarely realize that they’re being fed ear-tickling, off-the-mark “fluff” rather than God’s Word.

Truth is, the Word (which normally consists of the pastor's “feel good” theology based more on the his own opinions than actual Scripture) takes a backseat to the bright lights and ear-splitting “gospel” music and other entertainment that masquerades as the presence of the Holy Spirit…

For instance, take a gander at the antics of Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne who runs a mega-church in Tampa Bay, Florida. (On Facebook: 

This guy is a charismatic, tongue-babbling evangelist and major conspiracy theorist (a rabid anti-vaxxer who vehemently prays that God will not allow the vaccines to work on those who have “taken the jab”), who holds Pentecostal and Charismatic revival meetings that lead the audience into bouts of "holy laughter” and writhing on the floor like serpents.

His "power encounters" (as he refers to the mass hypnosis) cause people to shake, fall at his feet and convulse in uncontrollable laughter. According to a former congregant, "Many people lie on the floor giggling, sometimes for hours after he has touched them on the forehead. Some of them stumble out of their church hours later, as if intoxicated."

…Yeah … so just TRY finding ANY OF THAT NONSENSE in Scripture!

Demonic behavior such as falling backward into the arms of someone designated to catch them, is absolutely UNBIBLICAL! There are NO scriptures that suggest men fell "backward" or laughed like hyenas or writhed on the floor whenever they became “spirit-filled.”

What we DO see throughout the Bible is that men FELL ON THEIR FACES and prostrated themselves to worship ELOHIM. (Just a few examples: Genesis 24:26; Leviticus 9:24; 1 Kings 18:38-39.)

It’s very troubling to realize that hardly anyone, while looking for a congregation to attend, (1) READS the Bible BEFOREHAND to see exactly what it says; and (2) verifies in Scripture everything he sees, reads or hears in the congregation!

While the Bible warns us throughout, from Genesis to Revelation to be very careful to stay on YHWH’s Path, most people seem to be more concerned with how “likeable” the pastor is, or how many friends they’ve made, and/or how much fun they have in their church….

Howard-Browne is a perfect example of this because he is very charming, charismatic and above all, confident. Unfortunately, he fills his “flocks” full of lukewarm NT-only, “ear-tickling” sermons that, among other things, teach people to hate Jews and any mention of Torah (those first five Books of the Bible which require God’s people to DO something for God – i.e. keep His commanded Seventh Day Sabbath Rest [our weekly “dates” with Him] and the seven Feasts, which all foreshadow Yeshua, and are our yearly “dates” with Him).

In other words, this “pastor” is blaspheming THE WORD of YHWH!

An example of this was when he recently kicked a visiting Jewish family out of his church, mocking them and the Torah in front of a thousand people during a conference in Florida, all while people in the congregation were barking like dogs and laughing. Check out the family’s video outlining this disgusting fiasco.

Torah and the rest of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, warns us to AVOID heathenism, paganism, and weird, man-made doctrines and customs – yet, it seems, MOST prefer the worldly nonsense of smooth-talking priests or pastors who demand obedience to THEIR PERSONAL OPINION of who God is and what He expects of HIS people….

And these pastors get away with it because MOST seem to prefer sticking to what they “know” and are comfortable with … the worldly, “feel good” things designed to make them believe that nothing is required of them except to "believe in Jesus"; that “Jesus” loves them, continues to forgive all their ongoing, deliberate transgressions, and gives them endless grace and latitude to be “who” they are without the need to seriously repent and turn from their sins (Numbers 15:30; Joel 2:12; 2 Peter 2:19-21; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10).

HUGE MISTAKE! Judgment Day IS coming, and Yeshua will be vomiting myriads of “lukewarm” from his mouth! (Revelation 3:16)

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