Sunday, January 2, 2022

A note about the 2022 calendar….

A QUICK NOTE FOR THOSE WHO LIKED TO FOLLOW BILL's CALENDAR, which was based on the actual sun, moon, and stars; not the traditional Jewish calendar which is based on an "average moon", and rabbinical additions and changes.

Before his death in May 2021, Bill managed to create the 2022 calendar (Hebrew year 5782) for those who are interested. I am neither knowledgeable nor qualified in the field of astronomy, and so once this Hebrew year is over with, I will – like you – have to decide “whose calendar” to follow.

No matter whose calendar you decide to follow, I believe the MAIN thing is to DO the weekly Shabbats (our weekly “date” with YHWH); and study the respective weekly Torah portions so you can KNOW the history of His people and who HE is and what He expects of His people: AND keep the seven yearly mo-edim/feast times (our yearly “dates” with YHWH). Unless you do these things, you cannot possibly know or understand who Messiah Yeshua is!

Since I did not renew the HTML editor we used for our website, I no longer have any way of making changes or updates; however, the website with its approximately 600 articles will remain on the ‘net. For more on the calendar, you can click on this link and scroll toward the bottom of the page until you see the heading, "Free calendars, Siddurs & Pesearch Seder"...

May Abba bless and continue to enlighten to HIS Truth all those who are doing their best to obey His Divine Torah commands!


  1. "the website with its approximately 600 articles will remain on the ‘net."!

    Thank the Father, in Yeshua's name!

    i have been very worried about this.

    i hope you are well.

  2. Thank you, Barry!!!! Blessings!


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