Tuesday, March 9, 2021

What's the difference between Passover and Yom Kippur?

READER QUESTION:  What's the difference between Passover and Yom Kippur, since Yeshua died on our behalf:


The death of the Messiah represented a REDEMPTION, the necessary "substitution" for us just as the lives of the Hebrews first born were spared by the redeeming blood of the lambs on the evening of the original, and only, "pass-over" (Exodus 12:13). This was a GIFT to those who believed. Notice that even the Egyptians, if they had complied with the command, would have been spared their first-born! All it took was the belief and acceptance of YHWH as their God.

Similarly, the death of the Messiah was a one-time GIFT to those who accepted the offer of his redemption for them, no matter their sins to that point. (That one-time gift remains for us today.)

Yom Kippur, on the other hand, was that one time a year that the Cohen could enter the Holy of Holies to atone for the multiple inadvertent sins of the people for their very lives. Today, Yom Kippur remains our individual time to come to YHWH to repent and make good our personal sins for the year and our sins against others, for we all continue to sin unintentionally even though we remain covered by the Messiah’s blood redemption for us. 

Think about it. At the Passover, the first-born, those who belonged to him (Exodus 13:2), died if the people did not obey YHWH - humans and their animals alike. But at Yom Kippur, it's about what sentient humans have done - their own actions - for which one must seek honest repentance and acquittal.

Thus, the Passover event was the connection to the Messiah dying at that same time of year as the original and only “pass over” - to redeem ALL who have "taken YHWH as their God." We must all be redeemed *by blood* if we are to enter the Kingdom (Leviticus 17:11).

And Yom Kippur remains our annual time of acknowledgment of our shameful, inadvertent sins; otherwise, we must find a way to bring back the animal sacrifices so we can be "redeemed" over and over again, each time we sin unintentionally……

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