Friday, November 20, 2020

So, myriads are waiting in food lines because they have no money, but yet they’re busy buying plane tickets and Christmas presents online?

This morning's news showed us endless streams of cars of people waiting in food lines because they have no money to buy food. We were told people are desperate for many reasons, including loss of jobs, loss of businesses, and their unemployment compensation is coming to an end, etc.

Next, we saw a segment featuring professionals urging people not to travel on Thanksgiving due to the COVID pandemic which has literally exploded over the last month or so.  One person even said, “If you gather this year for Thanksgiving, people may be gathering for your funeral in January.”

In the very next segment, we learned that most people this year were opting to buy their Christmas presents online…

Okay, so here are some pointed questions:

If people are desperate enough to wait for hours in food lines because they're short on money, from WHERE are they getting the money to buy Christmas presents and/or the gas money or plane tickets for travel across the US to spend Thanksgiving with relatives? 

If the answer is "credit cards," then why aren’t they using their credit cards to ONLY buy FOOD and necessities, and deciding to forego the Christmas presents this year? 

After all, isn’t “Christmas” (which today is nothing more than a commercial holiday designed to get you to buy, buy, buy) supposed to be all about honoring the birth of Messiah?  The "three wise men" didn’t exchange presents with each other; they brought gifts for the baby!  Christmas should never have been "all about presents," in the first place.  Unfortunately, that's what it's been made into - but that's a whole 'nuther subject....
Why are so many (approximately 50 million, we’re told) insisting on traveling for Thanksgiving during a raging pandemic? Wouldn’t it make sense to just this ONE time, tighten our belts at every level and work together to END this terrible thing that is holding us captive?  COVID could have been long gone already if EVERYONE had fully cooperated….

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