Thursday, November 26, 2020

It’s both funny and sad that a pastor decided to temporarily turn his chapel into a strip club, to be deemed “essential”

The fact that a pastor saw fit to temporarily turn his chapel into a strip club so his chapel could be “deemed essential” is both funny and sad.

FUNNY, because this pastor is exposing the hypocrisy of the businesses being deemed "essential" during a pandemic.

SAD because chapels/churches are “businesses” (which is a sad thing in itself!) that are supposedly safe places for "God to visit" on Sunday [1]; and "essential" because they are gathering places for "worship" [2].

SAD also, because most don't seem to grasp the seriousness of COVID-19. It's the rare person who seems to realize that the world is under siege by a deadly virus right now, which has changed EVERYTHING - which means, we MUST ALL cooperate by changing our behaviors in hopes of surviving this thing!


[1] Ironically, Sunday was instituted as the Sabbath by Constantine who forbade anything "Jewish"; never mind that YHWH commanded the “Seventh Day” as a day of rest, to be kept holy (Genesis 2:1-3; Exodus 31:16-17; Ezekiel 20:11, etc.) – which, on our modern calendars, falls on Saturday. One can and should “worship” on ANY day; but the Seventh Day is the COMMANDED day of REST. God never said a word about keeping the "first day" holy.

In the year 321 A.D., Constantine decreed, "On the venerable day of the Sun let the magistrates and people residing in cities rest, and let all workshops be closed" (Source: Codex Justinianus lib. 3, tit. 12, 3; trans. in Philip Schaff, History of the Christian Church, Vol. 3, p. 380, note 1).

[2] While worship of God IS “essential” and even commanded; churches comprise large gatherings, which are NOT safe during a pandemic! (Large gatherings have been proven to be “super-spreaders!”)

God is not going to keep anyone from getting a dangerous virus that HE sent into our lost, decadent and belligerent world, just because they gather in a place designed for community worship ….

…Especially NOT a place that was “temporarily turned into a strip club” – an act that desecrated the very ground that chapel stands on, and rendered it “unholy.”

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