Monday, November 16, 2020

Is the “great reset” real?


Someone sent me a video today about the great reset and new world order. This person said this was all in the Bible. Is this REALLY in the Bible or is this another group of people coming up with a story?


No. The great reset and new world order is NOT in the Bible. People can see just about anything they want to see in Scripture but it is only a way to sucker people into thinking that they know something you don't.

The term "Great Reset" is just a catch phrase coined by people hawking their ideas on how the global economy and capitalism must change. The idea has been around since at least 2011 in a book by Richard Florida.

Lately, Klause Schwab of the "World Economic Forum" has hawked the idea by linking the "need" to reform to the Covid-19 crisis to suggest that this "change" they advocate is needed NOW. And, other books published recently, are appearing also using this made-up term, the "Great Reset" to capitalize on the "fad" idea. (Ironic, isn’t it that these people hate capitalism, yet use and rely on capitalism to make money on their books!)

So yes, it's just another group of people coming up with a story.

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