Tuesday, November 3, 2020

I have an idea: Let’s dissolve the political parties and start thinking about the “good of the country”….

Wouldn't it be nice if there were no political "parties" and people would run for President for the good of the whole country?

If Biden had had any brains, he would have picked a Republican running mate, and run on a platform designed to "Take America back to its godly roots and heal this country from the inside-out by completely eliminating the petty fights or arguments."

Instead, it's been the same-ol' stuff that always happens during elections anymore. Professionalism and common sense are things of the past because everyone has allowed their egos to get in the way of rational thought. ALL we've heard and seen is both guys endlessly bashing "the other side"; with neither side talking about doing what their actual job description demands of them.

What's also disgusting is that the Democrats don't even PRETEND to be interested in "the good of the whole" anymore! ALL they have done for the last four years is to bash and trash and fight Trump at every turn, because they hate him. Never once did they put their childish feelings aside and try to work WITH Trump on anything! "The good of the country" has completely fallen by the wayside.

My personal feelings are that Dems are a PATHETIC party consisting of ignoramuses ELECTED BY ignoramuses! They have clearly forgotten what the Democrats' "leadership" has done to our country over the last several decades....

Case in point, the financial crisis of 2008 was directly caused by 8 years of a lying, cheating, adulterous Democrat who had been RE-ELECTED to continue doing damage to the USA, AFTER his disgusting character was revealed on national television by a young intern who admitted to crawling around under his desk to "entertain" him while he was supposed to be running the country....

I lost complete confidence in the American people the day Clinton was re-elected, because his actions went straight into the Face of God - and hardly anyone seemed to care....

Anyway, as far as I'm concerned BOTH parties need to be dissolved, because this partisan nonsense and rampant childishness have now entered the realm of ridiculousness. It is crystal clear that the endless fights are all about their own precious "parties" and selfish interests. America can't be a "great country" if it's being run by people who insist on behaving like out-of-control, bratty five-year-olds.

Those running for office all seem to have forgotten that they are supposed to WORK FOR the good of "we the people."


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    1. Thanks! It only makes sense, as our leaders seem to have lost their way because of the constant division.


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