Tuesday, April 21, 2020

An interesting mini-study of Luke 23:39-42

Luke 23: 39. Then one of those doers of evil who was hanging there with him was blaspheming against him and said, "If you are the Mashiyach, save yourself and us also."

40. And his companion rebuked him and said to him, "You are not even afraid of Elohim, because even you are in that judgment. 41. And we are deserving justly, for as we have done we have been repaid. But that which is hateful has not been done by this man.

42. And he said to Y'shua, "Remember me my Master when you come in your Kingdom." 43. Y'shua said to him, Truly I say to you today: You will be with me in paradise.[*] (AENT)


Note what Yeshua said in the original Aramaic translation! It is important to remember that ancient Hebrew and Aramaic writings had no punctuation, and therefore, we must take care to compare the emphasis very carefully, as many attempt to use this particular passage to show that "Jesus said they would be rising TODAY!"

Compare what most versions say: "...I say to you: Today you will be with me in Paradise" with, "I say to you TODAY: You will be with me in Paradise." The first promises the immediacy of ascension, as in "today"; and the second promises that the MAN speaking to Y'shua will be in paradise. (It doesn't say WHEN he will be paradise.)

If the first were true, then Y'shua would be making a special exception for this man that he does not make for any of his disciples! Therefore, the latter is more consistent with Y'shua's teaching that eternal life begins with resurrection on the last day; see John 6:40, 54.

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