Thursday, June 13, 2019

Yes, God certainly DOES want to bless and reward His people … BUT, to get those blessings we must obey!

It always pains me to see people posting fluff about all the great things “God wants to do for you, because He loves you,” etc.

YES, our gracious and loving Creator WILL take care of His people with lots of favor - IF they obey HIS Divine Rules! (Notice I said “if”….)

Way too many people tend to forget that God is not just all about "love" - He is now, and has always been about teaching people to become Torah obedient citizens being prepared for the Kingdom. Take a look at Leviticus 26 where YHWH discusses all the GREAT things He will do for those who obey Him; and then follows it all up with, “Here’s what will happen if you don’t obey me….” Here’s a small excerpt:

Leviticus 26: 14 "'But if you will not listen to me and obey all these mitzvot, 15 if you loathe my regulations and reject my rulings, in order not to obey all my mitzvot but cancel my covenant; 16 then I, for my part, will do this to you: I will bring terror upon you -wasting disease and chronic fever to dim your sight and sap your strength. You will sow your seed for nothing, because your enemies will eat the crops.

17 I will set my face against you - your enemies will defeat you, those who hate you will hound you, and you will flee when no one is pursuing you. 18 If these things don't make you listen to me, then I will discipline you seven times over for your sins.

19 I will break the pride you have in your own power. I will make your sky like iron, your soil like bronze - 20 you will spend your strength in vain, because the land will not yield its produce or the trees in the field their fruit. 21 "'Yes, if you go against me and don't listen to me, I will increase your calamities sevenfold, according to your sins. (CJB)

That passage goes on.  Please read the whole chapter to see that He is NOT kidding around! The death of Yeshua in NO WAY changed our need to obey ELOHIM’s Divine Instructions, so what makes people today think that all that’s required is belief in “Jesus and God’s grace”?....

“Grace” has always been around! It’s the reason He spared Adam and Eve, instead of killing them on the spot. It’s the reason He sent His Messiah, His only Son to teach YHWH’s people, and ultimately, to be our “substitute” by offering his own, divine blood.

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