Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Parashah 41: Pinchas (Phineas)

If you’re “chomping at the bit” to start reading this week’s Torah portion, you can find a synopsis of Parashah 41: Pinchas (Phineas)  on our website.

This parashah holds many nuggets, and we see that YHWH does not condone "tolerance" as seems to be the buzzword of modern Western society! He is very adamant about purity and righteousness in HIS people!

To measure where we are in YHWH's "grand scheme of things" - The tribes of Israel were numbered at Mount Sinai more than 38 years ago. The number of men over 20 years of age who were eligible to claim an inheritance in the land of the Patriarchs was then 603,550. In this week's portion, as the "final accounting" of Moshe concludes, we find that after almost four decades in the wilderness and a turn-over of population the number of men in the Redeemed Community who stood to inherit the land of promise had dropped to 601,730 (Numbers 26:51).

RTo get started, imply click on the link above to read our synopsis, and then read all of the Torah, Haftarah and Brit Chadasha portions outlined in our article.

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