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Parashah 38: Korach (Korah) Numbers 16:1 through 18:32

Shabbat is on the horizon again, mishpocah! Just a few days away! Time to buckle down again and look ahead to our day of rest on Saturday! 

As always, a synopsis of this week’s Torah portion (Parashah 38 - Korach (Korah) - Numbers 16:1 through 18:32) can be found on our website.

This lesson reveals exactly who is in charge! We see what happens when people rebel against YHWH, and we see Him choosing Aharon as the High Priest of the Redeemed Community. And we also see Him confirming the appointment of the Levi'im as Aharon's assistants, and explaining the ways in which the priests, the Levi'im and the rest of the tribes were to interact.

As a quick sneak peek, you will see that Numbers 16 unfolds with Korach rebelling against Moshe and causing others to rebel with him - some who were "leaders of the community, key members of the council, men of reputation" (vs. 1-3).

BIG MISTAKE! (This reflects Yeshua's warning in Mark 13:22: For false Messiahs and lying prophets will give signs and wonders and will deceive even the elect if it is possible.)

Korach of the Tribe of the Levi family of K'hat was an ambitious, talented, self confident, aggressive individual who felt that the community did not appreciate his talents and abilities. He clearly believed that he has been slighted by his assigned position of levitical duty.

After all, each time the instruction to break camp arose, it was Aharon and his sons who would go into the Tabernacle and cover the holy furnishings and utensils for transport, while Korach couldn't even touch them, and could only carry them on poles.

That REALLY grated on Korach!

So, watch what happens when Moshe's righteous anger explodes at Korach's insolence:

Numbers16: 1 Now Korach the son of Yitz'har, the son of K'hat, the son of Levi, along with Datan and Aviram, the sons of Eli'av, and On, the son of Pelet, descendants of Re'uven, took men and 2 rebelled against Moshe. Siding with them were 250 men of Isra'el, leaders of the community, key members of the council, men of reputation.

3 They assembled themselves against Moshe and Aharon and said to them, "You take too much on yourselves! After all, the entire community is holy, every one of them, and ADONAI is among them. So why do you lift yourselves up above ADONAI's assembly?" (CJB)

So, we see Korach, in his attempt to usurp the God-given authority of Moshe and Aharon, contesting the authority of God's Word which was transmitted through Moshe to the community. Korach had convinced himself that Moshe and Aharon had elevated themselves to the position of spiritual leadership in the community, promoting their own personal agendas.

(Really? "Personal agendas?" Korach seems to have forgotten that Aaron's own sons, Nadav and Avihu, were killed for "offering unauthorized fire" to YHWH! If anybody had a healthy fear of YHWH it was Moshe and Aharon! - See Leviticus 10.)

Frustrated, he not only seeks to demean Moshe and Aharon's positions in the community, but he seeks to raise himself up with his own lofty purposes and ideas, becoming a self prescribed advocate of the people's rights, proclaiming a message of democracy, freeing them from the autocracy (rule by one person) of Moshe.

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