Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Have you ever received a "God-sized" task

Have you ever noticed that, whenever ADONAI gives you a "God-sized" task, it always leads you to a crisis of belief? ("Surely, this can't be from God! He wouldn't do this to me ... would He? He knows I can't afford to do this right now....")

The thing to remember is that HIS timing doesn't necessarily line up with ours. Therefore, we shouldn't really dawdle too much when He tells us to move, change jobs, change careers ... whatever. (You'll know when the message is from Him! He will cause you to "just know.") Sometimes, He simply arranges for your life to "turn on a dime"; but when He doesn't, and He expects you to sh'ma/hear and obey, then be careful to pay attention and ultimately DO it.

The bottom line is that, whenever ADONAI "gives you a God-sized" task that leads you to a crisis of belief," LISTEN, because what you DO about it reveals how you really feel about Him!

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