Monday, April 23, 2018

What is your insight on Yeshua’s return?

Question: I was wondering what your thoughts were on Yeshua’s return. I was invited to attend a study soon on a topic that, admittedly, I have not devoted much time to: second coming/end times/tribulations etc. including misconceptions? (rapture, pre-trib etc) Do you have any insights you’d be willing to share on those subjects and/or links to trusted source on them?  Anything is appreciated even if just a summary of your belief on those topics.

Our answer: Far too broad a subject for us to address.  I'm reminded of the old Jewish story:

A rabbi was asked by his students "When should we repent?"

The rabbi responded: "Repent one day before you die."

Of course the students asked their Rabbi, "Does one know when he will die, that he can repent one day before?"

The Rabbi responded: "Therefore repent today, lest you die tomorrow."

(Ecclesiastes 9:8: '"At all times, your clothes should be white, and oil should not lack from your head.")

All of these subjects, "coming/end times/tribulations, rapture, pre-trib, misconceptions, etc." deliver us all in the same place:  Live your life daily so you are "clean" before the Creator so He will welcome you no matter when or how you meet your fate.

...And that is a summary of our belief on these topics!

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