Monday, April 30, 2018

Reading the Bible from cover to cover is the only way to know whom you are serving….

There are times I am convinced that my only reason for being is to get people to READ the Bible, from cover to cover, LOL! It seems many (if not most) have never figured out that you can’t read a book by skipping around or cherry-picking parts of it. Unfortunately, that is how many read the Bible, and then feel themselves qualified to discuss or even teach it...

Many absolutely cannot see that the Bible BEGINS with Genesis, which reveals the beginning of everything including mankind; and ends with Revelation, which sums up the end of man’s reign on earth, and reveals the enormous mistake on the part of those who refused both – adherence to Torah AND acceptance of YHWH’s Messiah:

John 17:3 Now this is life that is eternal, that they might know You, that You are the Elohim of Truth, and he alone whom You have sent, the Mashiyach Y’shua. (AENT)

1 John 2:3 The way we can be sure we know him is if we are obeying his commands. 4 Anyone who says, "I know him," but isn't obeying his commands is a liar - the truth is not in him. 5 But if someone keeps doing what he says, then truly love for God has been brought to its goal in him. This is how we are sure that we are united with him. 6 A person who claims to be continuing in union with him ought to conduct his life the way he did. 7 Dear friends, I am not writing you a new command. On the contrary, it is an old command, which you have had from the beginning; the old command is the message which you have heard before. (CJB)

Revelation 12:17 And the dragon was enraged against the woman; and he went to make war upon the remnant of her seed who keep the Commandments of Elohim and have the testimony of Y'shua. (AENT)

Revelation 19:10 And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said to me, See that you do not do this; I am your fellow-servant and of those your Brothers who have the testimony of Y'shua. Worship you Elohim: for the testimony of Y'shua is the Spirit of Prophecy. (AENT)

Revelation 20:4 And I saw thrones, and (persons) sat on them, and judgment was given to them, and to the souls that were beheaded for the testimony of Y'shua and for the Word of Elohim: and these are they who had not worshiped the beast of prey nor its image; neither had they received the mark upon their forehead or on their hand; and they lived and reigned with their Mashiyach those thousand years. (AENT) (See also: Revelation 1:1-2; 1:9.)

Y'shua and all the Apostles CONSTANTLY referred to and quoted from Torah! When confronted by Satan, Y'shua did NOT quote Himself; He quoted from the Torah (Luke 4:1-12)! The Bible from Genesis to Revelation ... all of it goes hand in hand!

Unfortunately, we have on one side people who insist that the “New Testament” is a complete myth, and therefore YHWH’s Messiah is a farce; while the other side insists “those Old Testament rules were only for the Jews, and we’re totally under grace.” BOTH sides, according to the whole of the Bible when read in context, are severely mistaken!

So, PLEASE, people - be VERY careful because false teachers abound! They surround themselves with folks who blindly support them and who are ready, willing and able to take you away from GOD's TRUTH! PLEASE learn to double-check and verify against Scripture EVERYTHING you see, read or hear! Don't ever blindly trust ANYONE!

Jeremiah 14: 14 YHWH replied, "The prophets are prophesying lies in my name. I didn't send them, order them or speak to them. They are prophesying false visions to you, worthless divinations, the delusions of their own minds.

2 Timothy 4:3-4: For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths....

The Bible - from Genesis to Revelation - is ONE, continuous revelation from YHWH. Like any other book, it MUST be read in proper sequence, from start to finish. Skipping parts of it only leads to confusion and false conclusions. Don't be among those who cannot grasp that simple concept....

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