Friday, April 20, 2018

Parsha 29 - Acharei Mot (After death); and Parsha 30: Kedoshim (Holy People)

Shabbat shalom, mishpocah! As always, a synopsis of this week’s Torah portion can be found on our website. This week, we have another double parashah: Parashah 29: Acharei Mot (After death) Leviticus 16:1 through 18:30  and Parashah 30: Kedoshim (Holy People) Leviticus 19:1 through 20:27.

These lessons are absolutely POWERFUL – with their basic message being that the Book of Leviticus is not a "book of laws" as so many insist. It is our Creator asking us to be holy through obedience to HIS rules!

In the Book of Leviticus we are told via many examples exactly how we can be "set apart" for Him - by not following the abominable ways of the other nations. He gives us a choice to follow Him, or not. Those who follow Him are blessed; those who don't are cut off. Simple as that. There is no gray area.  Please click on the links for more!


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