Sunday, March 18, 2018

Can I store my leavened products in my garage or barn until after Passover?"

Another question people ask about Passover is: "Can I store my leavened products in my garage or barn until after Passover?"

Our response:

Only if you want to return your symbolic sin to your home. At our house, we don't wish to bring our symbolic sins back into the house after Passover, and so we simply start using up our bread and other leavened products, beginning approximately a month before Passover.

In our early years of Torah observance, we used to give our leavened products away to those who don't keep the biblical feasts. But then, one day it dawned on us that we were symbolically giving them our "sin".... Since then, we just make sure to use up all our leavened products before Passover arrives.


  1. Good article and the companion article about what is leavening etc. I say plan ahead and use it up. Bite the bullet and toss out what's left as an act of faith rather than sticking someone else with it.
    In the same manner I toss out antiques that have $$ value, but are paganistic or ungodly. It kills me to lose money, but if it's detestable to God then out it goes.

    1. Thanks! I've done the same thing as far as antiques or prized personal possessions go. (In my case they were papyrus paintings of some Egyptians gods. They were beautifully done and I had them hanging on my wall for many years. Of course, I wasn't worshiping these gods, but once I became a believer and realized they represented "other gods" in my home, out they went!) YHWH said not to have these things in our house, so out it goes, no matter what.


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