Monday, March 26, 2018

A word in support of police doing their jobs

It's always sad to see someone shot and killed, but isn't ironic that when someone is killed (in this case, another young black person), people only scream and holler about the "bad cops" who shot him? They always act like only the cops are to blame when they catch someone in the act of committing a crime, and the perp ends up dead. As a final slap in the face of the police whose job is to protect citizens, people gather to HONOR the dead criminal while bashing the cops!

For instance, the Sacramento Kings and Boston Celtics wore shirts honoring Stephon Clark who was recently killed in his grandmother's backyard, where he had fled to after being observed vandalizing neighborhood cars. He apparently had a cellphone in his hand, and the cops, in the darkness and chaos thought it was a gun, and shot him. Why didn't Stephon DROP the danged phone and take the now famous "hands up, don't shoot" pose to give himself up?

And we’re supposed to feel sorry for him because he “was a father of two.”  Well, I’m sorry, but WHAT is a father of two doing running around his neighborhood, breaking car windows?

Now, I'm not condoning killing anyone, of any race, in ANY form, but if someone commits a crime and then runs from, resists or fights the police, he needs to expect that he might just end up shot! Instead, this keeps happening, and the cops always end up with a bad rap. (That is NOT to say they are "never" at fault, because sometimes they are. It's a case-by-case basis.) But today, it seems, criminals are the "good" guys to be honored in death. Does anybody see anything WRONG with this picture?

I want to know how come the media only talks of what the cops did wrong, never mentioning that the perp was committing a heinous crime and therefore, it was his own fault. I want to know why nobody ever says, "Well, if the guy hadn't been in the process of committing a crime, and if he hadn't been trying to escape (and/or fighting) the police, he would likely still be alive!"?

Or, how come people will march in the streets for the dead person, yet they NEVER march to carry signs that read something like: "Crime doesn't pay; as a matter of fact, you could DIE while committing a crime, stupid!"

Or "Don't become a thug; make something of yourself!" Or "Being a good, godly, upstanding citizen is more rewarding than robbing your neighborhood store!"

Our country's values are absolutely upside-down today, and that is just plain sad!


  1. Tractate Sanhedrin within its 1st four pages, states correctly that Torah Law will not co-exist with the laws of any Presently World Govt. We're not going to be judged by American laws on Yom-HaMishpat, Judgement Day. This is also understood well in the Orthodox Jewish communities that for us to take each other to a Worldly Court (w/o first going thru a Beis-Din) is to blaspheme against the Holy Torah.

  2. Strong's lexicon H352 gives us the definition of what "God/god/gods" is at the everyday agrarian level of Basic Understanding: "Primarily a Political Chief." This tells us that Yahweh is Our Politician and that only He gets to make the Rules and Regulations on this Planet. Nobody else, as acc. to the Ten Commandments with this important insight, even governments, can make contrary claims afterwards; for why would He rescue us from a Worldly Government? So that we could be made subject to the laws of the invading Roman pagans down the line?
    When Haman accused us before the King that we didn't keep the laws of the land (yet we were peaceful: he conveniently omitted that) in the Book of Esther, he wasn't lying, because we as Jews are forbidden by Yahweh from following any other "gods = politicians" from ANY other Kingdom.
    Only Yahweh is Sovereign.
    Egypt, Babylon, Rome and America are not Sovereign, because they cannot make their own laws. They can issue warnings of various sorts, but cannot enforce man-made statutes which are contrary to the Holy Torah. I know that this is controversial as an ultimate political stand, but True Believers can't be followers of two opposing govts. As Yeshua told-off Pilate that His Own Kingdom of Government was from Above, so also are We.
    When Yeshua earlier held up that Roman coin while asking about it, He answered them to "Pay to Caesar what is his, and to God what belongs to God," He was telling them to kill Caesar and those who "followed = worshipped" him, as according to the Holy Torah. Because the Caesars all declared themselves blasphemously to be "gods on the earth."
    This didn't have to be included into the Renewed Covenant writings because if you are already totally loyal to Yahweh Almighty and only to His Holy Torah, then this answer of Yeshua's makes perfect sense.


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