Saturday, February 4, 2017

A word to all the liberal protesters


I have the perfect solution for you all:  Everyone who is against thorough and careful vetting of Muslims should be forced to sponsor at least one Muslim immigrant.  If your immigrant becomes a good citizen – GREAT.  But if he or she commits a crime, he or she gets exported and YOU take the prison sentence for them.  And the next time you see ANY Muslim terrorist acts ANYWHERE, YOU get on your protest clothing and make signs to carry that say:  “This is MY fault!”

Problem solved.

Yes, most Muslims are innocent, peace loving people.  But how can we know for sure that the newlyweds, or the handsome psychiatrist or that innocent looking family of 6 who just came into the USA aren’t planning to kill Americans? 

Let’s take a look at what radical Muslim crazies have done, shall we?  Here’s an extensive list!  And here are some pictures to remind you of just a random few incidents:


behead2  behead3  behead4



(For those who have been asleep and didn’t know it, it’s MUSLIMS beheading and wreaking havoc and causing many of the world’s wars. It’s MUSLIMS harassing and bombing Israel.  It’s MUSLIMS who behead, behand, kidnap innocent girls, murder and terrorize and force their own citizens to flee to Europe!  If you didn’t know this, then perhaps it’s time to come out of your slumber and check out some reputable world news sites so you can educate yourself on what MUSLIMS are doing around the world!)


  1. I absolutely agree that we should not let just anyone in to terrorize us. I'm no liberal (or conservative, for that matter) but I do have a problem with turning away our innocent brothers and sisters in Messiah who were already vetted and approved to come here only to be sent back to persecution where the terrorists are beheading Christians and burning them alive and all kinds of evil 😔

    1. I agree with you on that, Shana! The whole thing, really, is heart-breaking for those poor innocents forced to flee tyanny in, for instance, Syria. The horrors! Millions of innocents losing everything. Where can they go?

      I never have understood why the armies of the world don't simply take out that murdering Assad so Syria could have a decent leader for once.

      The thing is, the Books of Daniel and Revelation are unfolding before our eyes and things are playing out exactly as Scripture says. Unfortunately, the innocents are all "collateral damage" ....

  2. Agreed Shana. We don't need to turn away the innocent. But it takes quite an effort to determine the innocent from the rest. On the other hand, we are not to have among us those who follow a false god. Period.

  3. Shali, did you take link on your site to the article that condemned former President George W. Bush's comments about Islam and Islamic terror?

    1. Yes, I recently cleared off a bunch of articles that weren't receiving much traffic.

    2. I read that article several times, very interesting and eye-opening.


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