Monday, February 20, 2017

STOP with the “flat earth” nonsense already!


I never cease to be amazed over the number of “Hebrew Rooters” who are falling for the ridiculous “flat earth” nonsense! It’s mind-boggling to find you can’t go anywhere on Facebook without encountering it. It’s as if it’s become an unstoppable virus that causes humans to become stupid. One of the many excuses they have come up with is, “I was deceived by my church and kept from Torah all my life, and so now I study Scripture for myself.”

First of all, I do NOT understand why these people insist on playing the “blame game.” You would think that, after awhile, they would come to realize it’s their own danged fault that they didn’t know about Torah. If they had READ the Bible for themselves, to begin with, they would have realized “something was missing in church!” HELLO! Since Scripture tells us we’re all ONE in Christ (Galatians 3:27-29), that alone should have “rung a bell” that Torah (the first five Books of Moshe which contain all of YHWH’s Divine Instructions to His people) pertains to ALL! Passages such as Numbers 15:13-16 TELL us so!

So, this “I’ve been deceived and have started studying for myself” junk doesn’t fly unless you use some common sense and move your limited human mindset aside. If you jump from one extreme to the other, what do you think you’ll find there? Scripture amply explains what happens to those who freak out and jump to conclusions and rely on their own understanding:

Proverbs 3:5 Trust in יהוה with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; 6 Know Him in all your ways, And He makes all your paths straight. 7 Do not be wise in your own eyes; Fear יהוה and turn away from evil. (ISR)

Please pay special attention this passage:

Isaiah 29: 9 If you make yourselves stupid, you will stay stupid! If you blind yourselves, you will stay blind! (CJB)

For those who have fallen for this “flat earth” nonsense, I implore you to PLEASE wake up and use your God-given common-sense in this matter. Come out of your self-induced hypnosis long enough to ask yourself what possible reason all the governments of the world would have to purposely “deceive” you into believing the world is round! It IS round! It’s not flat, and the Bible does NOT say it is!

You are guilty of “reading into” and allowing yourself to be led astray by brainless, loud-mouthed, uneducated nincompoops who don’t understand the first thing about physics or astronomy! Please read my husband’s article on this “flat earth” issue, which contains PROOF as to why you are dead wrong.


  1. Speaking of "brainless, loud-mouthed, uneducated nincompoops," I once told a person that I had lived in the Pacific Northwest (aka the Inland Empire). The person asks me how close I lived to New York City. I said that I lived in the Pacific Northwest; the person asks what that is and I told him Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington State. The person claimed they never heard that geographical region mentioned before.

    1. Wow, Kevin. And these people vote, LOL!

    2. It's like your post in a blog last year that people come out of school or college and don't know how many continents there are. But the same people can talk about athletics or entertainment in a blow-by-blow synopsis or "other things" that don't need to be mentioned here. I guess "important" things don't matter anymore.

  2. Lol...I know you were obviously irritated when you wrote this, Shali, but it gave me a chuckle I must confess! You called them "nincumpoops," after all! I love your immediate response to Kevin's comment, too, about said nincumpoops voting. I usually respond with that when I encounter people whose apparent stupidity truly astounds me, lol. Finally...there are people who think the earth is FLAT??? In THIS day and age?! I honestly didn't know there were people who believed that! I need to find those FB pages you referred to but I've yet to find The Refiner's Fire on FB so I'm not holding out much hope! Anyway! Thanks for your blogs! I DO enjoy them!

  3. Hi, there! Yes, there are lots of Messianic and Hebrew Roots types who believe the “earth is flat.” It’s amazing! We get people writing to us all the time to argue “flat earth.” (And no, The Refiner’s Fire does not have a Facebook page, sorry!)


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