Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Since Yeshua fulfills all the Feasts, then we won't be doing them in the Millennium. Right?

Question for The Refiner’s Fire: 

It seems to me that, since Yeshua fulfills all the Feasts, we won’t be doing them or the sacrifices in the Millennium.  Am I right or wrong:


Well, that is a great question!  The thing is, it seems the Feasts/Appointed Times (Mo’edim) and sacrifices will be more of a memorial, a reminder for those who made it through “the Tribulation” of the history of how YHWH’s Word unfolded – while at the same time, teaching that same history to those born during the Millennium. In other words, the Feasts will be a reminder of what all has taken place since the beginning of time.

You see, there will be many unbelievers born during the Millennium, and they will be sinners who will need to understand the FINAL sacrifice of Messiah who only died ONCE to remove our past sins!  His sacrifice cannot be repeated, and so the Feasts he fulfilled will serve to illustrate his accomplishments.

The new moon festivals, the feast of tabernacles, and the Sabbaths, were YHWH’s set times for His people (who include ALL who accepted Him as their God); and in the Millennium these will be used as the reminders for all nations, who will send representatives to journey to Jerusalem for the mo’edim.

We are told that, in Ezekiel's temple there will be a Levitical priesthood making both the chatat (sin) and asham (guilt) offerings.  This will be as a memorial of what was accomplished. In the same fashion as we take communion now - as a memorial of what was accomplished by Yeshua's sacrifice.
As an aside, the Mosaic Law forbade Gentiles to enter in the Temple (Deut.23:4-8), but it will be permitted in the Millennium (Ezek.46:1-5) because – as you all know by now – once we are “one in Messiah” (Gal. 3:28; Rom. 12:5 and 1 Cor. 12:12) there is no division.  Once a Gentile has accepted YHWH as his/her God and Yeshua as his/her divine Messiah, they are no longer Gentiles; rather they are Hebrews (which, in Hebrew means “to cross over”).

Supporting scriptures include Zechariah 14; Isaiah 56:7; Isaiah 66:23; Ezekiel 40:38-39 and 45:13–46:15.

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