Sunday, October 2, 2016

A word about the Presidential campaign and its pathetic nominees

Watching the news this morning was once again thoroughly depressing.  We sat there, speechless, wondering how on earth both Clinton and Trump ended up being the Presidential nominees!  We had some perfectly QUALIFIED Republicans running for President, and yet somehow, Trump (a loudmouthed bully who behaves like a grade schooler and makes fun of women and disabled people),  and Hillary Clinton (a smug liar who should have been jailed for putting our country at risk by pretending it was okay to send classified emails with the classifications conveniently removed to her insecure server) became the nominees. 

Day by day we get to see Trump putting his foot in his mouth, over and over and over – so much so, that he seems to be ensuring that Hillary will win the Presidency.  GOD FORBID!  If she wins, it will be at least four more years of Obama…who was somehow voted in TWICE and who has done absolutely NOTHING for our country … and whom we have to thank for turning “gay marriage” and “abortion” into GOOD things!  THANK GOD that man cannot run for a third term because surely, Americans would vote him in again (and that’s all I’m going to say about that, or I’ll lose many friends here).

Honestly, I cannot imagine calling Bill Clinton “the First Gentleman” – not after what he did under his desk in the oval office; not after he was guilty of the sin of ADULTERY and then sat there and tried to LIE his way out of it (another sin); and not after he disgraced America and was IMPEACHED!  Both he and his wife have PROVEN ungodly character flaws.  Yet, Americans made her one of the nominees….

As for Trump – wow!  The lashon hara he commits on a daily basis is overwhelming.  What kind of a person could stand there in front of millions and make fun of Hillary’s recent illness and consequent stumble as if it were a BAD thing?  And then to suggest she’s not faithful to her husband … my goodness!  Unless Trump actually KNOWS this to be a fact, and he’s seen it with his own eyes, he has NO business saying something like that!  Whatever happened to discussing the actual issues and telling us how they are going to run our country?  This entire campaign has been nothing but one slander-fest after another.  SHAME ON BOTH OF THEM!

How on earth did the United States of America – once the greatest nation on earth – stoop so low as to keep voting in less and less qualified people?

The truth is, no matter who gets into the White House, WE ARE HOSED!  American voters have amply proven they, themselves, are UNQUALIFIED to decide, and I think it’s time to institute a qualification TEST for all voters to have to pass before they can vote … a test designed to probe their knowledge on government, politics, current issues and the qualifications of each government office.  Just listening to some of those interviewed on TV on why they’re voting for a certain candidate makes you shake your head, because they can’t even coherently explain why they are for or against a certain candidate….

My goodness.  How low we have come over the last 50 years!  Can we possibly go any lower than we are now?  Common sense and decency and INTELLIGENCE are clearly a thing of the past.


  1. Shali, I too often wonder how our nation fell behind. I'm not that old (I'm 33) and see things everyday that our nation is indeed cursed. May Y'shua return soon.

  2. I concur! For the first time in our lives my husband and I are voting for the bottom of the ticket.

  3. Yeah, Joan, I don't blame you. For awhile it looked like we were going to vote for Trump, simply because we do NOT want Hillary in the White House. But now, we're not sure what to do. We're not impressed with those "bottom of the ticket" people, either, so we're kind of stumped right now. This is truly pathetic. And sad for for nation.

  4. Seeing what is going on with these candidates, i'm not sure if i will going to vote. The more the election is getting closer the more the secrets of these candidates are coming out.


    1. Agreed! How sad that America is being pushed into this kind of a corner....


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