Thursday, October 27, 2016

Be careful about "hanging out" with Yeshua deniers...

Over the years I have seen myriad Facebook friends hanging out with, and being led astray by well-known Jewish Yeshua-deniers … some of whom love to surround themselves with Christians and Messianic/HR hopefuls whom they’ve fooled into believing that their Jewish teacher or rabbi friend may be “close to accepting Yeshua.” 

Why they consort with those people is a mystery, because clearly Scripture tells us NOT to become intimate with, or allow ourselves to be taught by those who deny YHWH’s Truth. And let’s face it: If someone denies Yeshua, they are NOT teaching His whole Truth …and that makes them “false” teachers….

Unfortunately, if you dare say anything, they will basically eat you alive, tell you you’re being judgmental (or worse), and call on all their friends to gang up on you. (They are the very reason I created my Facebook page, Countering the Counter-Missionaries.) After all, how DARE you try to prevent people from gaining knowledge from these “awesome” teachers and rabbis?

How DARE you suggest that if they keep following these types, they might eventually end up rejecting Yeshua themselves and joining the throngs of others who adhered to the teachings of these SAME teachers and rabbis, until they were completely caught up in the web of traditional Judaism, which insists Yeshua is a MYTH.

Yes, how DARE you suggest that if they keep hanging out with these teachers and rabbis, they too, might one day promote the type of blasphemy seen here in one of my articles denouncing the demonic work of Jewish counter-missionaries and their converts.

As mentioned above, many pledge their loyalty to these Jewish teachers and/or rabbis because they sincerely believe that these people are “very close to accepting to Yeshua.” (And all the while, they sing the praises of these teachers/rabbis who are busy denying Yeshua, year after year after year after year; and even recommending their teachings to others!

My question is: How many YEARS should we believe that _____ is “very close to accepting Yeshua” when _____ has been spending EVERY DAY of his life for YEARS talking ABOUT Yeshua and teaching the world He is a myth? Or worse yet, someone pretending to be pro-Yeshua, but “not quite sure yet” and is constantly offering himself up as guest speaker to the Christian and Hebrew Roots/Messianic conferences and congregations….

So, here’s the point I’m trying to make: There’s nothing wrong with praying for someone to accept the whole of YHWH’s Truth, but having any kind of intimate relationship with an unbeliever can quickly and easily turn into something that is a hindrance to your own walk. That’s just “the real bottom line,” folks! We are called to reach out to the lost, not be intimate with them, or to “sing their praises” because they happen to “be nice” or because we THINK they are “close to accepting Yeshua.”

And we certainly shouldn’t recommend their teachings, because – whether YOU are able to realize it, or not - MOST of their teachings are designed to draw people in so they can be adequately “wowed” by their command of the Hebrew language and vast knowledge of Torah, etc.

Having said all that, here’s a reminder about what SCRIPTURE says concerning false teachers:

Matthew 10: 32 Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father in heaven. 33 But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father in heaven.

2 Corinthians 6:14 Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?

First Corinthians 15:33 tells us that bad company corrupts good character; and John 8:34 tells us that unbelievers are slaves to sin.

Matthew 5:13. You are the salt of the earth, but if the salt should become bland, with what would it become seasoned? For anything not fit (is) but to be thrown outside and be trodden by man. 14. You are the light of the world. It is not possible to hide a city that is built on a mountain. 15. They do not light a lamp and place it under a bushel, but upon a lamp-stand and it lights upon all those that are in the house. 16. Let your light shine like this in front of the sons of man that they should see your works and they glorify good your father who is in heaven. (AENT)

ONE FINAL NOTE: I’ve asked many over the years WHY they keep insisting on hanging out with the Jewish teachers and/or rabbis; and their answers range from, “I’m angry because my pastor deliberately deceived me for years by keeping Torah knowledge from me,” (Er…no, YOU kept Torah knowledge from you!); and “Well, I got tired of all the fights in the Hebrew Roots Movement and I saw how unified Judaism’s adherents are” (well, gosh, that's a GREAT reason to allow someone to take you away from Yeshua....); and “There are so many teachers in HR, with everyone teaching their own thing, it’s hard to know who’s teaching truth or whom I should follow.” (Well, here's a novel idea: How about getting into Scripture for yourself so YOU can know what it says and doesn't say?)

And, then there is also, the “I don’t follow ANYBODY; I study it all out for myself” type. (Never mind that “studying it out for oneself” only works when one has good reading and comprehension skills, and can apply some good and sound logic while “chewing the meat and spitting out the bones”….”Studying it out for yourself” only works when you are able “look before you leap” by verifying via Scripture EVERYTHING you see, read or hear!

There’s no doubt that good teachers in any “religious setting” are hard to come by. That is why my husband and I are forever trying to get people to read Scripture for themselves. Once you know what Scripture says, you’ll be able to discern which teachings are “on” or “off” the mark!

We’re IN the end times as outlined in the Books of Daniel and Revelation, and it won’t be that much longer before Yeshua returns – and, as stated in Revelation 3:16, he will be vomiting out of his mouth all those he considers to be “lukewarm.”

“Lukewarm” are those who are NOT wholehearted toward YHWH and His Word; those pick and choose what scriptures to apply to their daily walk; and those who dare to ignore the warnings to shun evil of ANY kind. Hanging out (on Facebook or anywhere else) with those who reject Yeshua will only serve to make and KEEP you “lukewarm.”

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