Sunday, November 22, 2015

"The world" doesn't care about God's Divine Rules!

This morning my husband took me out to breakfast at a local golf course restaurant, and – not surprisingly – their meats were all pork.  No chicken or turkey substitute.  So, we ordered veggie omelettes with hash browns and toast.  It was a good reminder once again how utterly uncaring “the world” is concerning YHWH’s Divine Instructions.  Never once did YHWH say pork was to be consumed by humans!  To be considered “clean” the animal has to chew its cud and have split hooves.  Pigs don’t chew their cud.

The death of Y’shua never changed that – not to mention, He didn’t die so you could eat “unclean” foods; He sacrificed/martyred Himself so that YHWH’s people would no longer be forced to sacrifice innocent animals to atone for their sins.  For more, please see our article discussing some scriptures on kosher foods.


  1. I do to my best ability to abstain from eating pork, shrimp, and other unclean foods. On the topic of Kosher, the 7.5 oz. cans of Pepsi and Mountain Dew have a K next to the ingredients. Does that mean Kosher?

  2. Good for you! Yes, the K next to the ingredients means it is kosher. While we may not agree with the definition of "kosher" in rabbinic Judaism, to be certified Kosher, all ingredients in a kosher product - and the process of preparing the product - must be certified for kosher-compliance. ("Certification" is not a Biblical requirement and in general, if a product does not violate Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14, it is "kosher".)


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