Saturday, November 14, 2015

Our flaw in this ISIS debacle

The ISIS attack on Paris, I feel in my gut, is only the tip of the iceberg of the evil unleashed on the world.  I suspect many, if not most, have not thought much about this society of barbarians we call "ISIS", but we should.  They defy any definition of humanity.

These subhuman animals, are a radical religious sect, nothing more.  They don't care about their own mortality.  They are of "one mind" that they are participants in a greater "good" (though that "good" is only in their pea-sized minds).  I am convinced they are out to bring about the destruction of the  world - no matter how long it takes - as their individual lives do not matter to them.  They WANT the world to retaliate against them!  They want to die for their cause!  They WANT world chaos!  They want this because they see the goal as the return to 7th century "Sharia Law" and damned be to all who don't agree!  The sooner the world comes against them the sooner (in their view) their "new world order" can take over. If not now, in future generations of their progeny.

The problem is, at least until these latest attacks on Paris, the world has given pretty much a collective "meh" to their presence!  This despite their clear intent.  Where is the outrage?  Why haven't  nations to come together to defeat these charlatans and restore world order? ("Resolutions" in Congress, or at the UN mean nothing.)  The required response is missing.  We've collectively "let our guard down".  Even the Muslim world has been silent!  It may not be clear to you, but those of the Muslim world who embrace capitalism and democracy are just as despised by ISIS as the rest of the world and ISIS will kill them as brutally and viciously as they have killed non-muslims.   I say again: Where is the world outrage?

You see, the ideology of ISIS, as misguided as it is, is absolute.  Their interpretation of the Koran is absolute, and they will not bend to rational thought.  What they have set out to do, they will continue, and many more bad things are to come.  MANY.  We of the rest of the world, by our lack of resolve, by our lack of faith in the one true God of Israel, are now doing nothing but cowering in the corner with our fingers in our ears so as not to have to deal with our impending doom.  Why do I say it is a lack of faith?  Because the faithful in YHWH should be massing against ISIS right now!  YHWH had His people wage war against such evil.  Now it is our turn and we are instead turning a blind eye. 

We, in the USA are especially guilty.  We have become in the last half century a nation of godless.  We permitted the removal of God from our schools beginning in 1962, and we demand the mythical "constitutional separation of church and state".  We could have been a great, God-fearing nation, a nation the last great war sought to preserve.  Instead, we tossed it all away in favor of "tolerance" and "equality" and consequently pacifism and socialism is taking over.  (Vote for a democrat and you'll see more!)  Without God, we are nothing but a floundering ship about to be scuttled.  Scuttling, in case you don't know is the act of deliberately sinking a ship by allowing water to flow into the hull.  The USA is sinking.  We have no will to fight the evil that is ISIS.  We have been scuttled. 

ISIS has one thing over us.  They are of one mind.  We are of no mind. Our flaw is who we've become.


  1. Liam, I believe that YHWH uses nations and organizations to get our attention as well as repent and come to Him. In an earlier post I wrote that other nations (especially North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent) know their histories, who their ancestors are and where their people come from. Is this a correct assertion?

  2. I certainly remember your comment, Kevin, it was on

    Your assertion is correct - on many fronts. In that regard I am calling out the USA for their lack of awareness, lack of national memory, of our history. We *were* a Godly nation. We were founded on grounds of true faith - not to be compelled to the King of England's formula. We are no more. When YHWH made the nations (Genesis 17:4-5; 25:23), He certainly knew who would be His and who would not. I see the USA today in the latter group.


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